Ally’s Thoughts: I Asked ChatGPT to Write A Poem Based on My Previous Poems. What Do You Think?

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Hi friends and readers,

Happy holidays and we are counting down to the new year. One of the buzzing words that happened in 2022 is ChatGPT. In simple language, it is quite an advanced chatbot that is really impressive!

So, I had to experiment with a lot of things with ChatGPT like asking different types of questions, asking for tips, and reviewing works. One of them is sharing a few of my poems and asking ChatGPT to write a poem. The poem is based on my previous shared poems.

I will share the poems it is based on below. Here is the poem written by ChatGPT.

A soul yearns for fulfillment,
From the sound of music in the air,
Euphoria that we all wish to last,
Until the old soul can no longer hear.

It was a hot and humid day,
A ceiling fan wasn’t enough,
The steady wind blew,
Like a temporary comfort,
On a beach with serenity,
Until it was too cold,
Followed by heavy rain.

He is not mysterious,
Nor does he want to be,
He is mostly reserved,
Hiding behind a silhouette,
He has much to say,
Yet spoken shortly with emojis,
He is nothing,
But a lost soul,
Walking on a crumbled path,
A man deprived of everything.

Each person yearns for something different,
Music, comfort, or a sense of self,
But we all seek a sense of peace,
To find our place in this world.

The last stanza took me by surprise. It is definitely written on its own yet has a similar style and feel as my poems.

The poems I’ve shared with ChatGPT are;

There is so much more to talk about the ability of ChatGPT. But, for now, what do you think?


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