Ally’s Thoughts: LiSA Another Great Day (2022)

Hi friends and readers,

I recently watched a film on Netflix about a Japanese singer called LiSA. I can’t wait to share my thoughts on some of the things she said that struck me hard.

The title of the film is LiSA Another Great Day available on Netflix a couple of weeks ago. I’ve listened to some of her songs previously and I did share a post on her song here. You can read about it below.

This is not a review but more like things I learned from watching the film. My tears can’t stop falling whenever she says something that I can relate to. Then leads to more questions about life and living. Then somehow begging me to pen this thought down, “Where is the place you call home?”

To be honest, I don’t feel attached to someone or a place to call home. I have had this post stashed in my drafts for a while and I can’t seem to complete it. One of the reasons would be it is too personal and involves the people around me. I don’t want it to bite me back in the future for something that not everyone will be able to understand. How I feel about it right now might change in the future but as of now, I’m staying true to the words I said.

Alright, back to the topic. There was a scene in the film where LiSA faced hurdles in her journey to be a singer, a singer, being a star, and in her present, she emphasized her support system. That is her ‘home’ that keeps her together and a reason for her to keep on going. For me, watching the whole film is totally inspiring.

Then I asked myself, where is the place I call home? There was a time when I think I found the so-called home. Until it got swiped away by the strong wind of life. Since then, I’ve learned about myself, the people around me, the people in my circle, and life in general. The only home I found is myself. I strongly believe that there is no one who can help me except myself. Everything starts with me. However, the line that separates this moderate belief from being hyper-independent is also myself.

There are times I have forgotten about this journey of life. For me, it has always been about the lessons, and the mistakes, then as I tried to sort things out and improve them, life has given me another lesson. However, I don’t see myself stuck, I’m always planning and strategizing things to get through. I invited no one for the ride except myself. I somehow keep myself in survival mode all the time. Without a safe moment and place to call home.

During the film, she sang one of her latest songs, LiSA – New Me. The lyrics resonate strongly. Somehow, all the hurdles, struggles, and frustration are a phase and path toward greatness. The song then fires up with strong words of consolidation and motivation. Start line. Stand up. Good luck. It’s like saying we will always face hardships thrown towards us, yet by facing them all heads on, the result tastes sweeter in the end.

If you are in need of motivation and feeling stuck in chasing your dreams or facing hardship in life generally. I highly suggest watching the film, or documentary, LiSA – Another Great Day. While it may raise an existential question about a part of my life, I’m sure it would inspire you the same as it does for me.

It is February and I hope it is not too late to wish everyone Happy New Year. I pray that everyone will have a great year ahead. You are able to achieve whatever dreams you have.


7 thoughts on “Ally’s Thoughts: LiSA Another Great Day (2022)

  1. Hey Ally, thanks for the like on Misplaced Map Case. I like your ideas here about what is home. I struggle to make sense of what is home today when it is not only our location, place, and family but also our electronic network presence. Especially, when all of these elements are in flux. Quoting Red from the Red Green show, “Remember, I’m pulling for you. We’re all in this together.”

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