This time to sleep.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on

I fall down on my face,
Slipped from nothingness,
As I pushed my hands up,
I saw the view of heaven,

The sun smiles and shines brightly,
Fitted in between two mountains,
Grassy fields stretched between me,
And a hint of woods and bushes,

Then, the after-rain scent,
Filled the air around me,
Rousing me to get up faster,
And search the clouds,

As I look around closely,
I found a cave,
Hidden between the bushes,
Moist, wet, and slippery floors,

Another gush of golden rain,
Passes by with a sweet taste,
Honey-like washing me,
Cleansing me from my sins,

I took shelter inside the cave,
Warm and nurturing,
Until I fall again,
This time to sleep.


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