Sorry, I Gave Up by Ally L is now available!

Hi friends and readers!

A new poetry e-book by Ally L is available now! The new e-book, Sorry, I Gave Up is a compilation of poems written between 2018-2019. The theme is about how some people took a different path in life and found themselves in difficult places. Download it for free!

Sorry, I Gave Up is the fourth e-book since my last one. The last one was published in 2017. The main reason I published it is that I want to make it easier for others to read my work. It might be a hassle to go to my website and go through each post one by one. So, like what I did years ago, the new e-book will cover all the poems I posted here from 2018 till 2019.

When I was compiling all the poems, I realized a strong main theme, hardship. If I recall correctly, those two years were mostly about me being busy with work and how it took a toll on my creativity. I was too busy that I don’t really have time for myself, or to connect and socialize with others. I got myself plunged into depression and I feel that I lost my creative self.

Hopefully, this will help me to be motivated to compile more and complete a couple of personal projects. Again, please help by downloading the book and giving it a review. It will make my day happier. Wishing everyone a great and productive week ahead!


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