Ally’s Thoughts: Why I Joined the Mind Gardening with Arts by A Lusher Mind program?

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Hi friends and readers,

Remember my post on my first session on Mind Gardening with Arts by A Lusher Mind? If you missed it, you can read it here.

Currently, I joined their BETA program. If you are interested to join the full program, sign up for their waitlist. You can find the details on A Lusher Mind Instagram account. Check it out here.

Why I joined this program?

The truth is I feel like my creativity has dried up. Whenever I read my poems back, I kinda miss the creativity I had when I started this journey. More so, if I compared it to my younger self, it feels barren and lacking. Not to mention the different style, the witty play of words, and the sweetest imagination that I can no longer taste.

There are times I think that this is probably how one’s style changed as one matured. If that is the case, I’m slowly turning into someone who is bland, mediocre, and lacking. Or it is probably because of my situation and environment. Either way, I started to feel sick of writing depressing words. I did a post about it.

Again, the same question I would ask is, what is a poet if they are not true to their feelings?

If all I’ve been feeling is these dark voids and spots, I should do something about it. Yet, it is not all bad. It is all a process and journey. I do feel sick of writing it that way but I accept it. It is how I feel. My own feeling. At the same time, I do feel invigorated writing about self-growth. I do feel good writing about positivity. I am healing. I feel like I am transitioning. Shedding old skin.

After taking consideration of all those thoughts popping and arguing inside my head. Why don’t I try something? And I found Mind Gardening with Arts. I signed up for their BETA program. From my first session, I think it is totally worth it.

One thing that I hold close to is that I want to experience. Through experience, all the senses in my body will taste and feel the journey. All the good and bad. Go through it. Explore it. Grow out of it. Write it.


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