I always dream of sitting down and reading books, inside a bookstore. I’m not reading while sitting on the chairs, not on the floor and not on the stool. I was sitting behind the counter while waiting for my customers. Have you? – Ally L Mare

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Driven Into Exile by Maria Dziedzan. $3.79 from
Maria Dziedzan became an award winning author when she published her debut novel When Sorrows Come and this, her second novel written in the same inimitable style, is one not to be missed. Especially if you are interested in the events surrounding the Second World War

Pleasures: A Nova Scotia Murder Mystery by Laura Stapleton. $3.99 from
Tourists discover a young woman dead on the shore. The third full novel in an Atlantic Maritimes series finds Mandy’s brother begging her to catch his girlfriend’s killer.

Frigid by Charles Jones. $0.99 from
He never thought he would be an accessory to murder. He never thought his conspirator would be a computer. Enjoy this short story with coffee and a blanket!

Hearts Never Lie by Rachel Branton. $3.99 from
Zoey will risk anything to find her sister in the storm. So will the man who loves her. Can he slip past the walls Zoey has built to hide her secrets?

Three Seconds Without Hope by Charles Jones. $1.99 from
You can survive three weeks without food Three days without water Three hours without shelter Three minutes without air But only three seconds without hope

The Girls of Frederica Square: Episode One by Carolyn Crosby. $2.99 from
Surviving a bomb and a lecherous boss, Anne Ward is taken in by the women of Frederica Square — a haughty aristocrat, a brash actress, and a cynical doctor. And presiding over them all is the eccentric and charismatic Mrs de Havilland, an Edwardian survivor with a mysterious past. Can the girls of Frederica Square survive the perils of wartime London…and each other?

Prom Season by Brandy King. $2.99 from
Two girls, but only one can win the coveted title of prom queen.