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After his failed attempt in getting closer to Teressa Ling. Mr. Lifeless can’t wait to look forward for the next class this week so he can finally get to know Teressa Ling better.

“I’m not giving up. She responded to me quite friendly. I believe that is my chance!”

Mike was not amused that morning and feel annoyed by Mr. Lifeless.

“Well dude, I’m sure you will get your chance later. So, can you please shut up about Teressa Ling already? I’ve been enduring your yapping and blabbing about her since last week! It was your dumb fault for not confirming her Facebook account. Not to mention that you even went through the whole list and still can’t find her.” Mike fasten his steps to the class. He opened the door and quickly to his seat, ditching Mr. Lifeless behind him.

“You need to chill, dude.”

As soon as Mr. Lifeless entered the room, he quickly scanned for the figure he wanted to see. The figure of a girl that has caught his attention. The figure of Teressa Ling.

“She is not here… Is she late?”

He walked through the usual seat that Teressa Ling usually seated and take his seat besides Mike.

“Mike, she is not here today?” He asked.

Mike pulling a straight face after he took a deep sigh. He ignored Mr. Lifeless and showing the sign of ultimate disappointment in his friend.

“No wonder you were called Lifeless.”

“Dude… What’s wrong with you? I’m trying to have a ‘life’ here and get rid of this unbearable title. The whole class called me Lifeless plus the whole lecturers that teaches us called me that.” He looked at Mike with dissatisfied face.

Without paying attention, Mike just pulled out his notebooks and ignored him completely.

The class went on without any sign of Teressa Ling. Mr. Lifeless feels disappointed because he was looking forward to meet her again. To endure a week made him feels like a year of waiting. He needs to do something. He can’t wait for another week just to meet her.

Suddenly, an idea sparked in his head. Why don’t he just asks her friend about her. Why not? He just need a little bravery like he pulled off last time. That moment of courage that will bear fruits. He is sure of it.

“Alright!” He shouted and the class suddenly turned dead silent.

The lecturer turned around and looking at Mr. Lifeless.

“Yes, Mr. Lifeless? You have anything to share with the whole class today? I would be so happy if you can come here and explain this chapter to your friends. Of course I am willing to give you extra marks.

All the eyes in the class are on him. He smiled and scratch his head.

“Eheh… Nothing ma’am. Keep on going and I am sorry for disturbing the class. Eheh…”

The lecturer turned back to the white board and continue on explaining the subject which Mr. Lifeless don’t even know which subject are they discussing about right now.

After the lecturer left the class. Mr. Lifeless rushed to the group of girls that was seen with Teressa Ling last week.

“Hi, excuse me. Teressa Ling is not here today?” His voice was a little shaky.

“Oh, the lover boy… Yeah, she was unable to attent the class today.” A girl answered him.

“I see. Uhmm… Can you help me? How can I contact her?” He said it. He said the shameful sentence and made him feels like he is one with no shame at all.

“Hey, I thought she gave you her Facebook account last week. You didn’t contact her there?” Said another girl in the group.

“I couldn’t find the right Teressa Ling on Facebook. That’s why…” His face definitely showed disappointment.

“Okay fine.” Said the first girl who answered her.

“Hey? Is it okay to give him?” The second girl showed her doubt.

“It’s going to be fine. Teressa needs some spices in her life too. Okay, I will give you her number but if I hear anything about you doing something stupid… I WILL EAT YOU! UNDERSTAND?” She suddenly gave Mr. Lifeless the impression of Death choking him by his neck slowly.

“Err… Certainly!” Mr. Lifeless was unsure how to reply her.

After he received the number from the girl. He quickly saved the number and stared the phone screen.

“Should I call her now? Or should I call her later? What should I do? Gosh… I can’t make up my mind. I don’t care! I’ll just do it now!”

He tap on the phone with the call icon and the number connected. Then, the called was picked up.

“Hello, Teressa Ling?” Said Mr. Lifeless.

“Hello?” He heard a deep voice from the other side of the phone.

He was confused. Why would there be a guy’s voice? Who is this guy? Did the girl give him the wrong number? Questions flinging one by one inside his head and he freezes instantly.


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Another ordinary day and our somewhat infamous Mr Lifeless walks slowly to a class. It was early in the morning and his eyes is not yet adapting to the energetic brightness of the morning sun.

There are other students walking to the same faculty and the sound of chatters can be heard overpowering the natural chirping of birds that flew around the area.

“You guys are annoyingly loud…” Her murmured to himself.

It gets louder as he entered the classroom and there are perhaps more than fifty students in the room. He scan the room for his friends and they were sitting on the other side of the room.

“What the heck. That is far… And there are a lot of girls on the front row.” As his thoughts trying to say that it is a nuissance to walk in front of many people because he feel uncomfortable with the eyes that would follow him.

He walks as fast as he can but in a controlled manner so he doesn’t look to obvious.

While he was passing a group of girls, one of them caught his attention. He doesn’t know her or which class she came from. She is somewhat standing out compared to the rest.

Mr. Lifeless went for his seat and greet his friends. He put put down his bag and take out his notes. After everything is on his table, his eyes searched for the gir that caught his attention earlier.

There she was, a girl with the shining black long hair wearing a green baju kurung suits her yellowish fair skin. What a beauty, he thought.

He nudged one of his friend, Mike.

“Dude, do you know that girl?” pointing at her in a group of girls on the front row.

“Which one? There are many girls there,” Mike looking around for the mentioned girl.

“There. The one with the green kurung.”

“Oh. Hurm… Let me check it with the other guys first.”

Mr. Lifeless could not avert his eyes away from the girl. He didn’t even notice the lecturer has entered the room and getting prepared for her class session.

“She is from Mass Comm and her name is Teressa Ling.”

Teressa Ling’s name filled his head and he lose focus throughout the class and could not avert his eyes from staring her. There are times when she noticed and politely smiled back. Mr. Lifeless could not helped to be jumpy and fueled his hopes high.

After the class is over, Mr. Lifeless walk straight to her. Her friends noticed him walking towards their group and back slowly to give her the space.

“Umm… Hi!” Mr. Lifeless opening up first.

“Hi. Yes?” She looks shy and wonder what it is all about.

“I could not help to stare you for the entire class… So, can I be your friend?” He said it shamelessly and being confident about it.

“My friend? I have no problem with that.” Smiling to Mr. Lifeless as if that is the most loveliest smile Mr. Lifeless ever received from someone.

“Great… Great… Can I have your number?” He made the bold move.

“My number? You can have my Facebook instead. That would be pretty cool.”

“Oh really? Sure! So, whats your Facebook name?” Mr. Lifeless pulled out his phone and tapped on the Facebook app from on the screen.

“You can find Teressa Ling. Okay, I gotta go. My friends can’t wait anymore. See ya again.”

“Oh see ya. Take care.” As Mr Lifeless eyed her until she fades away from his sight.

“Alright! Teressa Ling… Teressa Ling… Wait… There are freaking hundreds of Teressa Ling! Damnnnnnnn!”

That moment, Mr. Lifeless felt down on his knees and weep for his misery.


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Today, there are no classes. Fortunately (as most students would consider), three lecturers who supposed to lecture Mr. Lifeless and his classmates today, had a little accident. The details were actually confidential because the accident somehow, brought shame to  them as lecturers and scarring the college good face as well.

Gossips like this does not really safe for keeping, especially in college. Somehow, little birds flocking together and shared the news quite fast. Our Mr. Lifeless was also aware of those gossips. Thanks to the blue bird Twitter. Getting trending especially with the #shameshameshame plus the college name.

He was scrolling the best news, gossips and shame the three lecturers brought to the college. The headlines are something like this, Shameful Attack, The Three Stooges Returns!, Panty Hunters Strike Back, Panty  Collecter Caught: Stolen Limited Edition Found!… Quite shameful.

He does remember that they are actually cool lecturers. They usually hang out together especially outside campus. There was this one time, he saw them in a night market and not as customers but they opened a food stall instead. It was good nonetheless.

Mr. Danny is likely the leader of this band. He always have his brain came out with nasty ideas. He taught Advance Math and I must say, he really takes everything into details  and very good in problem solving. Sadly, he will be having a hard time solving this problem he ran into.

Next is Mr. Kang, who is usually  the cool one. He lectures on History subject, be it western, oriental or sometimes he decided to teach fantasy history. His favorite mostly on how Middle Earth was never  really in peace. Seriously, not everyone interested even though most of them did watch The Lord Of The Ring.

Mr. Lucas is the playboy type. He have this advance and highly tech in-built radar in him. He can detect and attract any girl he wanted. Every time  they work in the night market, most of the customers are females. For his class, he lectures on Literature. Yes, perfectly constructed appearance which will definitely attracts any living women plus amazing and superb command usage of tongue… Words.

Mr. Lifeless cannot help to share this to his roommate, Mike.

“Mike, did you know about our lecturers?”

“About the panties hunter? Yeah, I heard about it dude! They got busted and totally making themselves trending right now.”

“Wonder how much panties they had… Thousands maybe! And each of them are owned by every females in the campus! Wondering if they are actually freak or doing something that they wrote in their bucket list.”

Mike who was busy playing video  games  paused it. He turned around and turn his back and looked at his roommate confused.

“Did you read the news? Or you just read the headlines?”

“Headlines. Why?”

Mike’s face looks so disappointed at his roommate and give himself a big face palm.

“I must say, Mr. Lifeless should be changed to something else. Mr. Judgemental or Mr. Headlines Only… You better read the news dude.”

Mr. Lifeless could not understand what Mike wanted to say. He do not need more nicknames at the moment. His current nickname somehow made itself sticks so hard on his face that everyone started to call him that.

He tap the headline, 10K Panties Smuggler! and the page loads. He read them and found this one line.

Later, the police concluded that the three suspects were actually involved in panty business and been selling it in their campus, been giving them fortune compared to their food stall business.’


Sorry for the long break of Mr. Lifeless. I’m guilty as charged! I have more free time now, so might continue writing on it.


Despite everything that happened on his adventure to the event, he feels satisfied and believe that he is one step closer away from being lifeless.

Today is an early day for him. He have a morning English Literature class to attend. He was quite early and the class should start in another 10 minutes.

So he prepared himself by taking out his pen case from his bag and a notebook. He realized that he is missing one thing. His literature text book is not in his bag. He left it in his room.

He lost his mood and can’t stop to feel stupid and regret about it. He tried to stay calm and think optimistically. He can borrow or share the book with his classmated.

Five minutes before class started and there are few students arrived. Then, the lecturer came in and Mr Lifeless now having trouble to ask someone to share their book because they were sharing themselves.

“Oh, you. I heard that you were dubbed as Mr Lifeless.” Said Ms. Mary the English Literature lecturer. “You don’t have your book?”

Mr. Lifeless looks at her back and nervously smiling. “I forgot to bring my book.”

“The old good universal cliche excuse. Nevermind, anyone here can share the book with him?” She asked the class.

Somehow, there were more girls in the class today. Then a girl raised her hand and offer him to share.

Mr Lifeless was saved. The last time someone forgotten their book to the class and no one was sharing, they had to write five poems about animals. One of it had to be sonnet too.

So, he walked to the girl and sat down besides her. Her name is Anna and she is one of the top scorer in the class.

He thanked her.

“Much welcomed. But you owe me a favor.” She said and giggled.

The he asked what kind of favor. She said that she will tell him later after the class.

Before he could asks more question, Ms Mary called his name and asked him a question.

“Give me the best metaphor to describe your situation right now.” She asked.

Mr Lifeless answered her. “I am in this twisted and scary haunted house with ghosts. Yet, I’m here besides a lovely angel.”

His lecturer looked at him. “Get Out!”


After what happened earlier, Mr Lifeless just fazed out. He feels drifted together with the crowds. He didn’t know that he can be so bold and stupid.

Somehow he arrived at the main stage area. Everbody was sitting so he did too. The crowds are focusing on the stage and it was a singing performance.

They dresses up in uniform that looks like a group idol from Japan. They were singing and dancing. The music is loud and some in the crowd was singing together.

He realized something and asked himself a question. Is this youth? Is this what they called having a life of their own? He sat there asking until they completed their performance.

Then the emcee came out and introduced the next participant. There were two of them and was called ‘Team Nekotachi’. Mr Lifeless saw her again. She was on the stage and performing.

Her partner was a guy and wearing the cat hodie as well. 

“Must be his boyfriend. Damn what was I thinking…”

They are singing a duet song. Both of them have nice and lovely voice.  The song they were singing was quite popular too, the crowd goes wild and the hall is getting louder and louder of the song they were singing.

“What is this? What feeling is this? Is this what other feels when they are in a crowd and they enjoying it?”

Mr Lifeless definitely having a good time with this performance. After the singing ended, the crowd was clapping and shouting. They truly enjoying their performance.

Then they started to sing another song. Again the crowd goes wild and crazy. Mr Lifeless knows the song and he feels like he is a part of them. Singing the song together. He sings and give everything that his lung can give.

What he didn’t realized was the person who was sitting besides him was looking at him. She gave him the look.

“Excuse me, you are sitting on my posters. Now it’s wrinkled already…”

Again, Mr Lifeless struck another unfortunate trigger in his life. 


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After the embarrassing moment on his way here. Mr Lifeless finally arrived to his destination.

It was a big hall. But somehow he saw people lining up and it’s a very long line. Then he saw the signboard. Tickets Here!

“I know they need ticket to enter but I don’t expect the line to be this long.”

Nothing he can so except to get into the line. There are around 100 people in front of him. It took almost three minutes for the line to move. Sometimes the line doesn’t seem to move. He can’t falter now. He just need to wait.

Then he started to look around. There are a lot of people and there plenty cosplayers as well. There are some characters that he recognized. He couldn’t stop to feel amazed. Everyone looks happy and excited.

How does he feel right now? Excited? He should be. He is young and coming to this event is something that he should feel excited about.

“Only for day one please. Thank you!”

Finally, he got his ticket and ready to enter the hall. The hall was huge. It’s a sea of human and it’s crowded too. He couldn’t move freely as he caught up and just walked where everybody walks too.

There are a big stage where the emcee was there. Some performance. There are also booths that sells different type of merchandise. Mr Lifeless doesn’t know where he should be going.

He wasn’t looking and pay attention to his surrounding, he bumped and threw him off balance.

“I’m sorry. Are you okay?” The person who bumped him asked.

With all the crowds around him, Mr Lifeless somehow only seeing her in his sight. A cute girl wearing a cat hoodie from an Anime he watched before. He was love struck and at the same time lost in his own world.

“Are you even listening to me? Hello? Mister?”

Then he replied her and apologize too. Before the girl walk  away, Mr Lifeless brace himself and gathered every courage he needs. He asked some questions.

“Can I you name? I mean, what’s  your name? Can I have your number?”

The girl looked at him and smile.

“I am Nyanko-sensei, see the hoodie? As for my number, I’m sorry. I have a  boyfriend!” Then she  walked  away and vanished from Mr Lifeless sight.

Mr Lifeless froze and exactly that time he wished for only one thing in life.

“Please let me die out of this embarrassment… God no!!!”


Mr Lifeless finally reached his last station. The journey took him almost an hour.

Right now he just need to walk few hundreds metre to the venue. The venue loacated in a building, Times Square.

The walk is not that hard. He just need to turn right after he exit the station and straight until he sees the building.

So, he walked. This is his firstime getting to thay area by walking. He saw an old abandoned building that used to be a prison. Now the only thing left of it is the wall.

The wall looks sturdy enough and it’s more than a hundred years now. The wall filled with graffiti. Some of them are good and some of them are pure ugly.

He stopped for a whole because he saw one particular graffiti. 

“Hurm.. the colors used are so striking. Orange? White? It’s a writing for sure. The letters are oio.”

Somehow Mr Lifeless took his time deciphering the graffiti.

“Oio? Is that the name of the guy who created this? Or is there a subliminal message to it? The o’s looks like ‘rambutan’ and there is a fountain on the top of the letter i. ”

He looked and looked. Then he realized something.

“The o’s looks hairy like the ‘rambutan’ fruit and somehow attached to the letter i faintly. Iy was drawn poorly, probably with intention. Dayum… It’s a penis.”

He then quickly walk away from the spot. People must have laughed at him for admiring that graffiti.


Mr Lifeless made a resolution for himself. He needs to feel his youth. He doesn’t know where to start. 

He was surfing the net and stumbled on a page where it promote events. He found one that might suit him. An anime comic games (ACG) event. He decided that this should be his first time too.

Few months later, it’s the day for the event. He can’t wait. Now he has one problem. He is scared because in order to get to the venue, he needs to take the train. He never ride them before.

Earlier, he asked one of his friend on how to get to the place. The friend explained to him easily how to get there. He needs to take the train from his place then drop to a train terminal along way and change train that will drop him near the venue. Next, he can just walk to the location.

Mr Lifeless kinda understand his explanation, it’s just anxiety hitted him this time. He have a riding liscense so he can just take the motorcycle to get there but it’s a long ride and he is not used to it.

Right now he is waiting the train at the train station near his house. The schedule stated that the train should be arriving soon but he already heard the railway quite shaking and train is coming. So he stand up and looked, he sees the train.

While he stood up, everyone who were waiting also stood up and waited for the train.

He tell to himself. “Okay, there is the train. I’m ready to embark my new adventure. I’m doing something that gonna give me the taste of youth for the first time. I’m excited! A little scared too.”

The train is getting nearer and nearer. Everyone already waits and somehow the train isn’t stopping.

Mr Lifeless was surprised and let out a big, “Ehhhhhh?”.

What passed through them is actuallly a train that transport cements not really the train that they hoped for.

This is the first time in his life, Mr Lifeless was trolled by the train and made him a loser and stupid as well.


Since our Mr Lifeless got his nickname, he can’t stop wondering about it. He is not a lifeless guy.

“I’m living my life. I have friends online and offline. I went out. I spend my time mostly playing online video games and watching anime. Ohh wait..”

Certainly he have his own life. A normal life for him. Does it normal for others? So what he did, he asked some friends.

“Am I lifeless?”

He said it and looking for honest answers. His friend replied.

“Dude, you are not lifeless. You just having a life less.”

Mr Lifeless was confused. What kind of answer is that? Does it means he doesn’t live his life to the fullest? What the hell he supposed to do? Running in circles and jumping while laughing frantically? Is that what people call living a life? That’s just in his head. So, he asked again.

“I don’t get it.”

Both of them stares each other. With a sigh, his friend try to explain his situation.

“Listen here. What you are lacking is enthusiasm. You are in your youth but you act like an old man. You even sound like my dad!”

Mr Lifeless just listened and trying to relate.

“Which part that made me sound like your dad?”

“The part when you said, life is not hard, we just need discipline. He said that to me everyday when I was attending primary school.”

What Mr Lifeless was missing is the essence of youth. A life without the sweet taste of youth is a dull life.


Here is a little story that I hope could make you entertained. A little story that supposed to be funny and hopefully make you laugh.

It’s a story about a guy. He has a nickname, Mr Lifeless. Whats so special about his nickname? What does it even mean?

All started back in college. Whenever he was asked to respond or read something from the textbook, he would read it like a zombie. You don’t usually hear or even imagine how a zombie read something. I hope this might help you understand.

“Ighh orhderr thi ghett ett publhished…” 

No it’s not spelling errors, read it as slow as you can and in low deep voice too. There you have it!

So, Mr Lifeless was reading that way and his lecturer was annoyed. He asked him to read again. He reads it in the same tone again.

“Okay sit down. Are you lifeless or something? No, energy or enthusiasm at all. I can fall asleep instantly. I know. I’ll just bestow you with a nickname, Mr Lifeless.”

Thats pretty basically how he got the nickname and what Mr Lifeless don’t realized is that, he is going to change the world!

No, that’s not true. I got you guys! Well, his nickname would be something that he would carry throughout his years in college. Surprisingly, his working years as well. Same goes to his old days later on.

Why you asked?

He is not lifeless in his life, he is lifeless starting from his heart and deep to his soul.