Short Story 6.


“You should stop!” He said to him. He looked at him in a manner of anger and frustration. “I can’t stop! I need to hold it! That’s my inspiration!” He replied and continue running forward. “If you stop now. You’ll be fine! Stop your chase!”  He’s getting louder and louder. His voice now no longer a whisper but a solid apparition besides him. “I won’t stop! I’ll keep chasing. That’s what I have left! I need it!” He did not give up yet. He still wants to chase the thing that keep him going. “You fool! How long should you play this game? You know well how this would end! Why bother! When you fall later, you won’t be able to get back up! Have you learned nothing?” He tried again to reason with him. To no avail. He has made up his mind. He wants to keep running and chasing what he really need. “Selfish! You are a selfish man!” Then he vanished like a mist clearing away slowly. He didn’t slow down his pace. He keep running faster and faster. He knows he can’t give up. He knows he need it. The key to his emotions. Her, which he’ll never get.

Short Story 5.

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It happened again. The thing that would tick him off and he despised it the most. His anger building up, his mouth shut tight. He wanted to continue but his mind said otherwise. His ego conquered  him. No words came out from him and the chance slipped passed and not even in a proper way he hoped for. He didn’t get inside the train. He sit and stares the train left him alone. His thoughts haunted him again. He realized that he give himself too many chances. He’s trying too hard to be optimistic in life.  He tried too hard. Too many times he gave up before, too many times he given himself chances. When he was small. When he was a teenager. Many more as where he is now. He given up on his past and wish never to talk about it. He gave up on his future as he lost his heart. His holding this last straw for his present and it’s slowly slipping off his hand. As he waited for another one to come. He stared the rails. The voice urged him to jump. He tried to resist it. His heart didn’t say anything. The voice persuades him more. Jump, it’ll be quick. He stand up and walked slowly to the yellow line. He stopped behind it. He looked to his right. The bright light is coming. He take two steps forward. He passed  the yellow line and he is one step away from the rails. The train is coming. The voice said. Let’s do it. Let’s get away far away. Let’s end this misery life of yours. He said. Thank you.

Short Story 4.

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He was there waiting for her. Exactly 30 minutes before the clock strike 12 in the afternoon. He was already there standing and patiently waiting to have a date with someone he dear so much. He was too excited for this day and his nerves going wild inside of him. The person he texted day and night, a person that he would just keep listening to her voice over the phone and a person that have the brightest smile every time he received her photos. It is about time, she should be here. She should be wearing a maroon dress as she mentioned earlier in her text. He keep looking around him and found a glimpse of maroon as he swept searching through the crowd. A girl smiling back wearing a maroon dress and approaching him closely. She asked him is he the guy she supposed to meet. He was frozen and speechless. He was struck by the lightning of love and he believed on that day that this lovely girl would be his soulmate forever. That is how he came to meet her. He remembers it clearly  but nothing left except the memories. She passed away due to cancer but the love bond between him and her are stronger than the reality of death.

Short Story 3.

It was a raining evening as he sprint towards the bus stop. Luckily he is acceptably dry despite he walked for few hundred meters in the rain. Thanks to the large trees along the path. While waiting came a lovely girl with a bright colored umbrella. She is wearing a simple casual dress with her leather bag at hand. He turned away and believe that this girl just got back from work. The girl look at him and smile. He smiled back and thinking of starting a conversation. Slowly he come closer and ask her how is her day. Before she answered, her phone ringed and her bus arrived. She picked up her call and walk into the bus while smiling back to him as like asking permission to walk away. He just stand there and smile as he is waiting for his bus to come.

Short Story 2.

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They were alone in the room, staring each other with hearts filled desire. He raised his hands on both of her cheeks. She touched his hands slowly and covering her shyness with her face getting red. Slowly he rested his forehead against hers. Time stopped for the both of them as they now stepped in a different dimension. Both hearts beating fast and blood rushes as he rubs the tip of his nose on hers. A moment that they will always remember and hope will remain forever. He hugged her tightly  and firm. She can hear his beating  heart and he knows better. None can separate them now as this both two souls filled each others heart with love and growing more and more. He slowly look  at her again and smile. She smiled back. Both in joy and happiness. Slowly he turn his face closer and she closes her eyes. He gently place his lips on hers. A kiss that would last with love and lust that can never be undone. As now they are buried inside the ruins of destruction brought by human with evil and greed.

*Let us pray on behalf of the victims around the world. Say NO to terrorism!

How would we greet death?

How would we greet death? How would I greet death?

Somehow I don’t mind leaving. Deep inside I just don’t care. Let me go. To walk again with this two legs are tiring. I do not want to go on anymore. I want to stop here. Let me rest. 

Be it family or friends. Be it foes or lovers. Release me from this bind of worldly desires. I am no longer worthy, to play in this game of life.

I quit. I quit.

Call me selfish. Call me a coward. I am not brave enough nor strong enough. These two hands getting weaker and smaller. No longer holding the dearest in life.

Nothing I hope more but to feel peace. Peace as I am out of breath. Let me go and never come back. 

Goodbye everyone. I’m coming Peace. Eternally.

Short Story 1.

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It was a dark and cloudy day. Two friends were busy playing near the river and unaware of the danger lurking behind them. As rain starting to pour along with thunderous clap. The two friend running towards the path leads to their home when suddenly a flash of light striking in front of them and both of them fall to their knees. Both of them were clueless and found the soil in front of them left a small yet noticeable crater. They look at each other as both are now soaked by the rain. They starting to laugh as they knew they are still alive and understand that the flash of light was the lightning. It was so close yet they were unharmed. They slowly stand up and look at each other. The friend challenge the other who will be home first the winner and the other accepted the challenge. Both of them running to their homes and have a story to tell.