To lead us forward

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Bravery never easy,
Hesitation and doubts,
Hard decisions,
Uncertain outcomes,
But once we took the leap,
Nothing else matters,
Except where we are heading,
And our bravery,
To lead us forward.


And the alarm calls

Flower and retro alarm clock on table in front the rain
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It was cold today,
Raining all day,
Every drop on the roof,
Created nature’s melody,
Like a lullaby,
For me on the bed,
It’s heaven on Earth,
Telling me stay,
And never get up,
I don’t want to,
This is peace and comfort,
Until the rain stops,
And the alarm calls.

I am a human

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They asked me,
What is my strength,
Firstly, I am a human,
With errors and mistakes,
And for I am a human,
I learn and adapt,
Leave me and I will survive,
Even with nothing,
But a sheer will,
Let me believe and hope,
Even to my last breath,
That is my strength,
As I am a human.

Ally’s Thoughts: Work, Life, Work


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October has come upon us! Throughout August and September, so many things happened. Either in my life or in the international scenes. The ongoing North Korea missile tests over Japan, the arson case at a learning institution, the devastating hurricanes, and the latest one, the mass shooting in Las Vegas. There are things happening every day, good and bad, and here I am thinking about myself.

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Whenever something happened, I will ask myself this question, what if it was me? A simple emphatical question that challenges the brain and the heart. What would I do? How would I react? Will I be able to survive? What should I do?

It is good to questions and takes time to contemplate with ourselves. We do have our own problems to attend, I too included. The most often line that crossed my mind was ‘If you feel you are an unfortunate person, there will always be other unfortunate people than you’. True, isn’t it?

For the past weeks, I am not really in a good mood because of something happened in my personal life. To be honest, I hate my current position regarding the matter and it looks like a dead end. I can only hope and pray for things to get better than before. My current mental state is under the weather and motivation is off the radar. I seriously need to motivate myself but I’m having a hard time about it.

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This reminded when I went for a lunch with my bosses, my department boss, and her boss a few days ago. So, the big boss shared her stories and experiences, she mentioned that when she was in her previous company, she had no motivation to work at that time. The reason was, she had to deal with matters that contradicts her belief and philosophy. She decided to resign and she feels much better now. They also talked about A.I, Bitcoins and other matters as well, but I mostly listened and observing them.

One of the thing that I learned is, they are also human. I mean it not in a bad way, as a working person with big responsibilities and their working life is not 8am to 5pm but as long as their eyes open, work will always chase them around the clock. They faced problems as well, small or big. Again, I asked myself, how do they keep the positive vibes to work and keep themselves motivated?

From my observation, they are living their work. I assume that they cater their work life to fit their non-working life or vice versa. Perhaps, they managed their working life good enough. I can only make guesses and assumptions. As for me, I can’t fuse the two, working life and private life. I don’t want to talk about work at home and private life at work. I prefer to spend my private life in seclusion, playing video games, watching movies, eating, sleeping and more. The impact of a call or a text regarding work will instantly ruin my good mood and will make things worst.

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I do have plans to get me out of this unbreakable chain of unfortunate moods, one that I can’t wait is a little vacation for myself in November. However, it doesn’t really get me to wake myself up in the morning! I know how to treat myself but that is what I have been doing ever since. All I wake up to is being hopeful on uncertain things, especially the things that I can’t control.

Well, I hope you all will do just fine! I wish you all the best in dealing with your daily life. I also hope that October will be nice to all of you. As for me, I will be quite busy because I need to assist with the programs in the department.


We have our soul of passion


We have our soul of passion,
Each and every one of us,
Either they are alive and well,
Or died and withered,
Perhaps mine,
Was never really there,
Never real or existing,
Just an illusion and a lie,
With fake masks,
Hiding everything from everyone,
Or perhaps mine,
Already died.

There is no moon tonight

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There is no moon tonight,
But the night is calm,
With scattered stars,
And the dancing wind,

I am a part of this picture,
Sitting on a wooden chair,
Showered with the Night’s blessing,
Carrying a little piece of hope,

Where has you been,
Is the unspoken question,
Because there is no ears to listen,
And bravery to tell,

Only the memories,
Serves like an album,
Full of clear pictures,
That remain between us,

There were so much back then,
But there are nothing now,
Only the sweet lingering taste,
Of the wonderful moments,

I don’t want to forget,
Or let them go,
Too precious and valuable,
But it stings the heart,

Oh, Lord of the day and night,
Ruler of the earth and sky,
Grant this seed of hope,
Life to grow stronger,

As you have granted me a calm night,
And drowning me in appreciation.

Me and you

I don’t trust you,
Even though you are me,
The only path you have taken me,
Is towards despair,
You lead me to pain,
You lead me to nothing,
Nothing that I can be proud of,
Nothing that I can feel good about,
Nothing to keep me here,
You doomed me,
You doomed us,
I hate you,
And I know well I hate myself,
We are one but we are different,
But we are in the same boat,
Drifting to the endless sea,
A sea of nowhere,
We are not sailing anywhere,
We are stuck and forever in pair,
And I admit,
I should have listened to you,
When we were young,
You spoke to me softly,
Sweet words to lure me,
Only to show my anger,
To empty my mind,
To not think through,
And brace me for the things,
That I would do,
And didn’t do,
Because I am still young,
I am scared with faith,
I am scared and a coward,
Though I did the small things,
Just to feel pain,
Drunk in pain,
Cry in pain,
So I can sleep well,
I should have trusted you then,
And perhaps I will never be here,
Telling you,
Sharing you,
And the whole world that I,
Once a boy that don’t deserve,
To live even for a moment,
Because I know it well,
Where is the problem,
Because you told me,
You told me what is the problem,
And the real problem is,
Me and you.

Don’t just read it, say it out loud and you will hear me… and him.