To compensate the sacrifices they made

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Who I am now without them,
Without their guidance,
Relentless determination,
And continues effort,

Despite the scolding,
The strict and stern voices,
Disappointment on their faces,
And the struggle to teach,

Thank you  and I know this will never be enough,
To compensate the sacrifices they made.

I  want to share an article from my local newspaper.

via  This Teacher Bike For 135KM Everyday To School!

KUALA LIPIS: At first glance, Ahmad Saidin Mohd Idris resembles an odd-job worker, clad in worn out jeans, sweat-drenched long-sleeve shirt, mud covered shoes and carrying a backpack.

But the 40-year-old is a teacher at SK Lenjang, Lipis, who rides his motorcycle some 65km from his house in Kuala Medang near here to get to the school daily.

Undeterred by challenges, the father-of-two daily skillfully maneuvers his motorcycle along the muddy tracks, surrounded by a dense forest, to reach the school which caters for 456 Orang Asli students from 17 surrounding settlements.

Saidin, who had been posted at the school for over three years, once fell off his machine while travelling along the uneven road and came across wild animals, but nothing deterred him from performing his duties.

His day begins at 5am, and half an hour later he will hit the road to start his journey of two hours along the windy and hilly tarred road, which are mostly rutted and uneven.

Certainly this is one teacher that the students will definitely respect!

That some could not be in

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Dear friends,
There are times in life,
Feels heavy and hard,
And staying down is comfort,

Do not forget,
That life is an ongoing moment,
Constantly moving forward,
And does not wait for anyone,

If your heart troubles,
Take a little rest,
Before you set out,
And return victorious,

Appreciate the things you have now,
Because when they are lost,
They left you instantly,
And everything will be too late,

Life is a one chance ride,
That some could not be in.

By nothing but a problem

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I feel defeated,
By an opponent,
That can’t even talk,
Yet, ruthless and unforgiving,

It wears me down,
Dragging me forcefully,
To a beaten path,
A weak and worthless prey,

Desire to stay down,
Speaks louder and clear,
The will to fight,
Give up on itself,

The hurts and burns,
Are not on the skin,
But scars deeply,
Into the mind and heart,

I was defeated,
By nothing but a problem.