But they were someone’s special souls

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I am devastated,
And I do not know them,
I was not even there,
But the pain feels close,

I can’t stop imagining,
How terrifying the situation was,
Only to feel the heat and burn,
The screaming and desperation to call “Help!”,

I can’t stop to cry,
I feel sorry for their family,
Some managed to bid their last farewell,
But others lost in flame,

This is no time for pointing fingers,
This is the time to bring humanity closer,
They may not be your friends, families or lovers,
But they were someone’s special souls.

Together, forever and ever

Every time you said that,
You are not beautiful,
The more I would tell you,
You are the loveliest,

Beauty measured based on appearances,
Will only show inaccurate measurement,
Because the true beauty,
Lies within you,

It came from your wonderful mind,
And your clear kind heart,
The more I learn to know you,
The deeper I have fallen for you,

Clear your doubts,
And take my hand,
I will hold it tight,
And will not let go,

Because in my heart and mind,
Through these eyes and sight,
You are the loveliest kind,
One that I want to be with,

Together, forever and ever.

Of the time I have used

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I have twenty four hours,
Between day and night,
And I filled them,
By waiting, sleeping, eating and functioning,

But where this track went wrong,
As I feel delayed,
Again and again,
I feel that there is not enough time,

There is no time for me,
To feel the life that I enjoyed the most,
There is no time for me,
To be someone who I wanted to be,

I knew it too well,
How the time I have spent,
Can never be bought,
Or can it be returned,

I knew it too well,
That one can’t buy,
The time they have spent,
Smartly or foolishly,

What else can I do,
Except to accept and embrace,
The sweet and bitter,
Of the time I have used.

And now without you

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There was a letter,
That we wrote together,
When we were chaotic,
Like the stormy oceans,

The letter was for ourselves,
In the future years later,
To the uncertainties,
But we were certain back then,

I am halfway through,
And now without you.

In a jigsaw puzzle

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There was a spark,
Flashing inside your mind,
Giving you a word,
Or showing you a glimpse,
Vision of things,
And you tried,
To interprete the meaning,
Understanding it deeply,
Took your whole day,

Slowly it made sense,
You took your pen,
Opened your notebook,
One by one the word flowed,
Completing the word and vision,
Like a last piece fitted,
In a jigsaw puzzle.

And left it unanswered


I wrote it all,
When I feel happy,
Sad, down, anxious,
And all the emotions a human can feel,

I have no regret,
On the words or sentences,
I wrote down,
And I am proud because I did it,

Where others ignored the call,
And left it unanswered.