Yet some are better left unanswered

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There are so many times,
In this dark cloudy world,
Answers are the solutions,
To all the unhappiness,

Yet some are better left unanswered,
And we have to accept and move forward.


If living is the real standard?

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No one deserves to feel abandoned,
To live with the demon inside their mind,
Like all the classic horror movies,
Haunted in a house, alone in the dark,

Some survived, some dismembered,
Who really gets to decide,
If living is the real standard?

If you would let me, say it

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If you would let me, say it,
I really want to talk to you,
It has been a while,
It may not feel that long to you,
For me, it has been a long time,
I want to know more about you,
I want to listen to you,
I want to be that person,
That is always there,
When you need me,

But all these wishes,
Is what I want,
It is pointless,
If it is not,
What you want.

Ally’s Thoughts: How the Movie Ghosted (2023) Reminded Me of Relationship Attachment Style

Hi friends and readers,

I recently watched a romantic action-adventure comedy movie, Ghosted. Starring Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. It’s a hilarious romantic comedy movie filled with action and adventure. It is a fun movie to watch, however, I don’t usually review movies. I just want to talk about how obvious the dynamic between the couple in the movie have their own relationship attachment style. And one more thing, no spoilers here.

I’m not an expert in relationships, trust me. However, being at the age I am now, I believe it should be common knowledge for anyone. How would you start a relationship if you didn’t read much about it? In a matter of fact, you should be aware and understand of yourself first before trying to understand others. That is just my belief.

Back to the movie, the couple have different styles of relationship attachment style. I believe Cole (Chris Evans) has an anxious attachment style while Sadie (Ana de Armas) has an avoidant attachment style. Both were having difficulties communicating and working things out. While they are characters in a movie, I can’t help to imagine real couples having the same issues they need to work on.

If you are interested on the movie, check out their trailer below:

Of course, understanding these kinds of things can be intimidating sometimes. I mean, learning and understanding about each other’s styles and working towards it. It is much better than not trying at all. No one is perfect and surely; I don’t believe in wrong timing or met a person at their worst beliefs.

Okay, what about me? If I told you I am a walking red flag, you better believe it. Previously, I guess I have more than one style. Now? I believe I’m doing better. I’m still working towards myself and I don’t think I’ll stop. I’m not perfect and I know well not looking for perfection. When it comes to relationships, I believe that it is always about working things out as a team. If you can’t work well with a team, how would you be able to respect your partner? Plus, relationships can be a lifetime commitment too.

And never to return

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I feel overwhelmed,
Every single night,
Accompanied by,
Drunkness in songs,
And heartfelt melody,

Please, dear God,
This pain is too much,
To go through every second,
Is like drowning,
And lost in the middle of nowhere,

You inspire me, love,
Only to feel the pain,
You showed me an angel,
Just for her to be taken,
And never to return.

Biar yang tinggal sebatang gigi

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Biarpun tak kesampaian hasrat di hati,
Kau tetap pergi tanpa sepatah kata,
Yang segar ingatanku terhadap mu,
Walau singkat waktu bersama,

Siapalah aku yang mampu,
Menyunting bunga syurgawi,
Sedangkan langit itu,
Belum mampu ku tembusi,

Biarlah waktu merawat hati,
Biar yang tinggal sebatang gigi.

I’m grateful for your presence

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I’m grateful for your presence,
Letting this feeling nourish inside of me,
And when you are no longer here,
Giving me the strength to write,

It made me feel alive,
I feel the need to breathe,
To be indulged in a rhythmic dance,
Of songs made of love,

Whatever in reality it may be,
In my imagination alone, I see.

NaPoWriMo 2023: Day 30

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Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a palinode – a poem in which you retract a view or sentiment expressed in an earlier poem. For example, you might pick a poem you drafted earlier in the month and write a poem that contradicts or troubles it. This could be an interesting way to start working on a series of related poems. Alternatively, you could play around with the idea of a palinode by writing a poem in which the speaker says something like “I take it back” or otherwise abandons a prior position within the single poem.

I choose this poem for reference.

Her smiles drained me,
Sucking the life out of me,
Slowly cursing me,
After her presence left me,

Oh, how I was so wrong,
Or was I blinded to be wrong,
Indecisive between right and wrong,
Or the boundaries I crossed were wrong,

Her smile drained me,
Leaving me with a pool of tears.

NaPoWriMo 2023: Day 29 (“I am the Laksa for you”)

Start by reading Alberto Rios’s poem “Perfect for Any Occasion.” Now, write your own two-part poem that focuses on a food or type of meal. At some point in the poem, describe the food or meal as if it were a specific kind of person. Give the food/meal at least one line of spoken dialogue.


I can’t trust you,
If you don’t like Laksa,
Don’t get me wrong,
I’m not saying that,
I don’t respect your taste in food,

I always believe there is a Laksa,
That suits your personality,
I mean look,
In Malaysia alone,
There are different styles of Laksa,

We have the OG Laksa from the Peranakan,
And then Asam Laksa packed with the sweet and sour punch,
You like curry? Fine, we have Curry Laksa for you,
Something different? We offer Sarawak Laksa,
We are proud with our Laksam and Johor Laksa too,


Of course, my personal favorite is Asam Laksa,
A full warm bowl from Ah Cheng would make my day,
A comfort food for me,
Getting me through the harsh day,
Of a full day work,

A spoonful of the soup,
A taste of playful fishes,
Inside my mouth,
The sweetness comfort,
And revitalizing sourness of tamarinds,

Like a warm embrace,
Of a loved one,
And whispering,
Slowly with every slurp,
“I am the Laksa for you”.