Ally’s Thoughts: Fervent February?

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Hi fellow friends and readers!

We are finally moving up to February and a month past after entering the year 2018. I am sorry for the lack of content and I am pretty sure the same will happen in February. I was so caught up with work and also the unpleasant mood of weather. It has been scorching hot in the afternoon and unexpected heavy rain in the evening here in Malaysia.

Why it is a fervent February? Other than the tight working schedule, I have to attend my friends wedding which are back to back every weekend this month. I was left behind in my entertainment department as well. In January, I did not watch any movies in the cinema. Luckily this week, I only have 2 working days, Monday and Tuesday. Thanks to Thaipusam, Federal territory day and I took a leave on Friday as well. However, I will be quite busy on the weekend. That is pretty much the reason I am able to write now.

Just reminiscing last year, I was on my career break and basically focusing on this blog and my other writing projects. To be honest I really miss the moment. Every day waking up, I don’t have to worry about work except what I want to do most, which is writing. I was not even worried about not having a job. I only focused on myself in enjoying my free time. It was carefree too.

In a year, so many things has changed and I am sure so many things to come. It’s never wrong to stay in positive thinking especially on the things that we cannot predict. How else than looking on the bright side on the things forward. It’s much better for us to stay calm and try to be organized so we are more prepared.

I hope you guys will enjoy your February. Have a good month and enjoy!



As we ignore and decaying alone

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When we aren’t looking,
The Earth completed its daily spin,
From day to night,
And we remain here,

When we aren’t looking,
The soul in a child starts to breathe,
The soul in a body left slowly,
And we remain here,

When we aren’t looking,
An old forest lost permanently,
A vast land mined deeply,
And we remain here,

When we aren’t looking,
People we knew left,
And new one appeared,
And we remain here,

The more we aren’t looking,
The more we remain here,
Time moves on with everyone,
As we ignore and decaying alone.

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry if I went missing for almost two weeks. I haven’t been writing anything after New Year. Things has went pretty busy and I’m not in a perfect condition to find my inspiration.

I’m wishing everyone has a great weekend and hopefully staying healthy and safe. Have a great day ahead! 😀

2017 REWIND! Write Ally Write!

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Fellow readers and friends,

We are few days away to celebrate a new year, 2018! If I were to describe my 2017, it was rejections, eye-opening, hopeful, eventful, emotional, freedom, wise and lovely. The events happened this year are mostly work related and there are some personal stuff but manageable. Hopefully.

It is the year where I quit my 2 years job as a Associate/ Content Editor. Then, I had a very short career break for 4 months. Where I mostly used to write more and explore more of my creative side. Then, I was hired to work in an investment bank and enjoying my time learning in the HR department.

2017 also quite memorable because I went to travel alone to Kuching and really enjoyed myself there.

I managed to publish two e-books:

1. Ally And The Daily Prompt (March 2017)
2. The Thirty Days (June 2017)

My e-books are free and available in different formats. Do support me by leaving a rating in Goodreads and share it with your friends and family!

You can find my Goodreads page through here: Ally Mare Goodreads

All my book projects are currently on halt and my writing time has been tremendously cut down. I am mostly busy with work right now. I will try my best to spend my time in writing!

As I did last year, I present you my Top 10 poems in 2017! The top list are based on views!

TOP 10 POEMS 2017

  1. Happy Together (November)
  2. Will you follow me? (July)
  3. Each others company (November)
  4. Human emotions are like diamonds (October)
  5. Heavenly exposure (November)
  6. The joy of cooking (January)
  7. To someone who don’t appreciate them (June)
  8. And remain still in sadness (July)
  9. That is me in pain (September)
  10. “I am here with you” (November)


  1. And December came (December)
  2. Let’s Talk About Texting (November)
  3. The Talented Musician, Yuta Tanaka (September)
  4. Did They Approved? (June)
  5. Signs of A Loyal Person (October)

That’s all for the lists section.

Moving on, 2017 is also a year where I managed to meet wonderful people! I also managed to meet with other writers too!

Special shout out to these wonderful people! Thank you for your time and hopefully we will meet again!


Singledust @ Living on the equator but longing for snow

Red Beanie

Mintly @ Mints Blog

Yuta Tanaka / YOUTUBE

And I hope I will be able to meet more writers, bloggers and talented people in 2018. Lets have a cup of coffee together! Do check their sites for wonderful posts.


Other than hoping all the good things, I don’t really have anything else to ask. I will just be busy with work, movies, buying books that I have no time to read, meeting new faces, travelling, and hopefully a partner? Exciting isn’t it?

That’s all for now. I wish you all the best in 2018. To me, entering a new year is just the same. It’s not about having a resolution or having the perfect plan but its how I would spend my time in the best way I can. I do have plans and I’m working on it but ultimately, I want to enjoy every moment that I have with the people around me, the time for myself, and do the things that I want. It’s much more interesting that way, isn’t it?

That’s all for now. I wish you all a happy new year!


She wouldn’t fall alone

Source: Taste of Cinema

I saw her alone,
With her knees on the ground,
On a shattered glass bridge,
And a little move,
Will make her fall,
It’s impossible to reach her,
And impossible for her to reach me,

Every second the glass cracks,
And she is falling,
I jumped to her,
At least,
She wouldn’t fall alone.

Food coma of course

Source: Oxford Dictionaries Blog

Let’s go out for lunch,
A buffet, sure,
I don’t eat much,
I had salads,
Baked potatoes,
Roasted lamb,
Pasta was good,
The beef was chewy,
Cakes was sweet,
Bread pudding was nice,
The fruits were fresh,
Then, I had another beef,
Plus chicken too,
What I had next,
Food coma of course.

Ally’s Thoughts: Let’s Talk About Texting


A few days ago, I told Mintly @ Mints Blog that I am very bad at texting. She mentioned that she was bad at it too. Some might ask how can a person be bad at texting? Isn’t it just reading and sending text, similar to how we talk to each other?

Years ago when I was younger, perhaps when I was 13, I love texting. That time, to have your own personal mobile phone and have someone to text with was the best thing to have. There were so many things to talk about, school, hobbies, and interest. How crazy it was to text each other after school until late night. Then the cycle continues to the next day. Things getting more interesting on long school holidays or festive seasons.

To make it more interesting, texting has helped me to get friends from different places. They had this one service where we can text with each other on TV screen, then we have to personally text them if we want to know more about them. Yes, I had done something like that. I get to know a lot of people which I had to interact almost daily and around the clock.

If you ask me why I did something like that, my answer is the thrill of it. Daily interaction is something that I crave at that time, I was the only child and my parents were busy with work. I was mostly alone and doing my own things. Imagine the feeling of getting a text and you can’t wait to reply, something happened and you can’t wait to tell, and the sense of connection between the texts was addicting.

When did everything change? Before I tell you the reasons, I want to point out few things why I enjoy texting that much anymore.

1. Sense of communication

It is true that texting is a form of fast communication. We can send messages instantly and get replies instantly. Everything in an instant including your mental health. When we are used to texting each other, we tend to anticipate things, such as response time, expected replies, and firmly believes that it is the same as communicating face to face. All those things are killing your brain slowly, you are filled with anxiety, you feel like blaming others, you overthink, and can lead you to a darker path.

2. Sense of time and space

One can never really stop texting, be it the first thing you gotta do in the morning or the last thing you do before you go to sleep. If you have a lot of free time, you will never really see the problem. However, when you are working and you have your own stuff to do, you will have little time to spend. You might heard ‘replying a text will just take a few seconds’, if its something simple and easy, yes. What if it is something complex? Your attention and focus will shift and it might affect your productivity. If you are constantly texting, one hour can be really fast! What about space? Here, I am referring to personal space or personal time for yourself. Sometimes, you just need time for yourself and then texts are coming in. If you are in a good, respecting, and understanding relationship, you will have no problem. Its bad news, if you are in a toxic relationship where your partner constantly texting you and requires you to send updates every second. I did not made this up, might be on the ‘every second’ part, but else is real!

3. Sense of distance

Whenever we text someone, we realized that we are actually far from each other. However, the constant communication can slowly affects the sense of distance. The painful thing is that, we are not even close and it will create some frustration when something happened.

4. Sense of voice

I think I mentioned this in one of my poem. Text messages

Not everyone has the ability to ‘know’ the senders mood or voice through text. Perhaps,  if you are a psychic or equipped with extraordinary sixth sense, you might know. As for me, that is the most unwanted things to do. I don’t want to guess, I prefer it to be straight forward. Why? It’s easier that way!

5. Sense of situation

We will never know what is going on at either sides. I think this one explained itself. One thing that I can’t help to wonder is that, when I was in school or in college, I never think about it too much. But now, being alone sometimes is the best thing that I can have, working life changed me a lot. Even so, being alone is good but having loneliness is scary. Loneliness kills.

At this point, I am really dried up on idea. However, I just went back from watching Yuta Tanaka live performance. Listening to his music is always a refreshing experience. The reason I really like him is because, I really like his music. He express himself and pour it into his songs. I can feel the sense of genuine emotions in his songs. I really do. You can find Yuta Tanaka through his website here: Yuta Tanaka Official Website

As I mentioned above, when did everything started to change? It was basically on my last relationship and that was like 4 years ago… We love to text each other and basically like any other lovers who are young. She was carrying her thoughts alone and I didn’t realized that. Everything looks normal between us until it was too late. I have moved on and its a lesson that I would like to share to everyone. Texting is fine but there is a clear line on when face to face interaction is needed.

Nowadays, I really enjoy a good conversation face to face. I can see reaction, I can hear intonation, I can feel intention, and I feel more connected. Conversation is much more interesting face to face. That is what I believe.

Before I wrap things up, I want to leave you a very good TED Talk by Julian Treasure.

I hope everyone have a great weekend! Stay safe!

Daily Prompt: Dancing (Of that Summer’s heat)

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In that Summer’s heat,
We stand close,
Our eyes locked,
We can clearly feel,
Our heartbeat,
Screaming to each other,
Wanting more and more,
As we swirl around the field,
Following the wonderful breeze,
We know our roles well,
We pray the memories last,
As we sway left and right,
Through the songs of nature,
We don’t have to say much,
But our bond became stronger,

We became stranger,
No longer dancing,
Only muted melody,
And forgotten steps,
Of that Summer’s heat.