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Words are powerful. They can create, they can destroy. They can motivate, inspire, offer a bit of comfort to those in need. I use words in written form because they are almost set in stone. They leave a trail behind. It’s such a definitive action, don’t you think? But it’s not the only reason. I […]

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One Year With Write Ally! Write!


Good day fellow friends!

Write Ally! Write! is officially a year old today!

At first, I had it wrong. I thought the date was supposed to be on the 14th of March because of my first post. However, it was on the 12th March which is today.

The first thing I did when I received the notification from WordPress was sitting down and stared the sky (ceiling to be precise). A year ago, everything was just an idea. The idea came after I’m getting bored of my previous job and the urge to write more.

I have other blogs at that time that focused on translating service, sharing social media news and a story blog in Bahasa Malaysia (is still there and I don’t want to delete it because I wrote a lot!).

Then, I decided to focus on poetry. As I am completing this sentence, I remembered that I still have another blog dated in 2009. Most of my freaking posts are still there! I am now totally embarrassed. However! I have this idea of bringing some of the poems I wrote back then in here (but maybe it is best to leave it there. I wrote lengthy poems too).

Some quick info:-

My first post: It is morning and bright
My first follower (besides myself): (Somehow protected)
My first comment:
My current followers: 855
My total posts: 494
My total views: 16846
My total visitors: 6290

I slowed down on blogging starting from May 2016. I do not want to remember how I waste my time for five months. I started being active again in November. The number after that constantly rising and get me more than 1000 visitors monthly! Small to some but big for me! There are a thousand readers from across the world reading my poems! I am grateful!

Those are just numbers. Do you want to know what is more precious?

The connection we have as fellow bloggers! I able to be friends with amazing people, young and older! I get to read amazing posts a lot! I got inspired by lovely and supportive motivational posts! Not to mention the amazing awards!

Another achievement would be the self-published poetry e-books! The first one It’s All About You and the freshly released on 8th March, Ally And The Daily Prompt (I’m sure there will be book two, three and so on for this one!).

You can download it here for free:

I hope everyone enjoyed my poems and my books. I am seriously happy to share them!

However, I need help from you guys. I need feedback and dire of feedback! If you find my poems are cool, let me know! If you find my poems are lame and pathetic, let me know as well! I want to take this blog and passion to the next level! I really do!

I have two books under construction right now, one would be the ‘They Said That…’ and another one is ‘Ally’s Book of Motivation!’. I’ll share one from the latter one.

“If you love writing, don’t find a reason to keep you away from it. Find excuses to write more.”

Ally Mare, Feb ’17

I think that is all for now! I wish all of you have a great and amazing day!

Why I Write Poetry?


“Nowadays, poetry is a no go. It is not mainstream and who reads poetry anyway?”

Those are the usual voice I heard when I said that I wrote poems. I actually agreed that what they said is true but… I enjoy writing it and there are no reasons for me to stop writing poems.

Reasons To Write Poetry

  • I love writing them
  • I enjoyed reading them
  • I want to express how I feel
  • I want to share what I see
  • I want to inform my ideas
  • I want to make everyone laugh
  • I want to capture everyone hearts
  • I want to touch the feelings of others
  • I want to tell my story and let the whole world know!

When we able to express ourselves in a fashioned that we really enjoy it makes you feels good!

So, if you really love poetry, just write them! Do not let other tells you that you are not going anywhere. You will not go anywhere if you just sitting and waiting. Unless, you made them happen!



Hi 9th March! This is Ally!

Image from: MyDramaList

Hi everyone!

March finally came knocking on our door and wanting some attention. How do you guys usually welcomed March?

After all these years, March has been different for me. I have a tradition in March. A tradition that I believed, I have shared last year in this blog.

It is all started in… Geez, I can’t remember which year to be exact… It was 2011 if I’m not mistaken. At 9th March 2011, I began a tradition for myself that I would be running a marathon on watching One Litre Of Tears the tv series. 11 hours of marathon from episode 1 to episode 11. I do not include the special movie came afterward. I’m talking about the original tv series. After that, I’ve been doing this ever since.

If you guys are wondering why I did this marathon and what the tv series is all about. You can find the post here.

Why Would I Do This Every Year?

I’m beginning my countdown this year by accompanying each day with a poem dedicated to the tv series. It will be under separate title.

Have you guys watched this tv series? Will you guys be joining me?

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We’ve all seen those lists – the mile long questionnaires to get to know yourself. ‘What is your favorite color?’ ‘Who is your role model’ ‘What is your first childhood memory?’ By question number three, my attention has usually checked out! Hence, the rather short recollection just now! Often, I find I simply know myself […]

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Not sure what is my struggle for today.

As long as I can remember, I never felt so relax and comfort sitting at home! I quit my job last month and currently actively looking for a new one.

However, I never feel that I waste my day at all! I’ve been busy writing everyday, I’ve been cooking, I’ve been knitting, I went to the movies… I have a lot of fun! Weird? Perhaps!

I’ve been working since 2012 and I rarely take leaves, not even vacation unless it is a public holiday. I feel a lot more better and fresher! Now, I just need add one more activity… Exercise!

I’m grateful that I’ve been given the chance to feel this way. A journey of self knowing and discoveries!

I’m pretty sure I need to start working next month… but… Why I can’t just sit at home doing the things that made me feels good and I don’t have to worry about my monthly commitment too much? There are ways! I know.


Triple Blogger Recognition Award!


Hi everyone!

I have been nominated by two plus another one amazing bloggers! Thank you very much and I am so honored by the nominations!

Jirah Merizz – Lovely blogger that covers varieties of topics and will not bore you especially with her witty words!

CravenWild – An amazing person that breath movies and always keep us updated with the latest movies with her amazing review! Did I mentioned she is also an award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter?

thegirlonthego08 – A wonderful blogger that really captures her readers heart. She writes short stories, life tips and some magical posts!

Do visit their blog and you might enjoy them as I do!


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
6. Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them & provide the link to the post you created.

A brief story of how my blog started:

It all happened when I had my work crisis in early 2016. I was unable to perform better at work and I don’t feel I belong there. Somehow at that time I have the urge to write again. I had a blog and been writing poems in 2009 but I stopped. I was discussing this matter with a very close friend of mine on this idea and she said it’s a  good thing. So, I decided to create a name and a blog. Soon after, Write Ally! Write! was created and here it is now.

My advice for new bloggers:

  • Know what you want to do with your blog. This is really important because this is the soul of your blog.
  • Know what you want to achieve with your blog. Blogging is a process and process leads to product or result.

My Nominees:

Do you have advice that you want to share with other bloggers? Advice that you believe every blogger should remember with their heart? If so, I nominate you! Yes, you! Do not be shy and take this opportunity!

Share it with others and not to yourself!

P/S: I’m totally sorry if I missed out some nominations. If you think I missed your nominations, do reminds me again! No, I’m not old to be forgetful… I usually can lost track of my notifications. I’m sorry!


[TAG] Blue Sky Tag!


Hi adorable and loving fellows!

How’s weekend treating you? Care sharing what you’ve done?

I’ve been tagged by Tessa Megan @ Writer’s Ink for the Blue Sky Tag! Do visit her resourceful and inspiring blog!

Thank you for considering me for the tag, Tessa!


1.Thank the person who tagged you
2.Answer their 11 questions
3.Tag 11 people
4.Give them 11 questions to answer


1. Do you have any imaginary friends?
I once had one. His name is Jack.

2. Have you ever been to the beach or would like to go?
I’ve been to the beach before. I enjoyed the beach as long as everything looks nice. (Bad experience with nasty, dirty and given me sore eyes beach)

3. Have you ever entered a writing contest?
Never. Would like to join if possible now.

4. If possible would you go into writing as a career or will it just be a hobby for you?
I am currently in the transition of making writing more than just a hobby. The urged of wanting to spend my days writing are more… insatiable.

5. Do you like to sing?
It is a lie if I say no. So, YES!

6. Do you listen to music while you write?
Yes! The moment turned dull and plain without music and I became lazier.

7. What book(s) have you recently read?
Currently I’m reading The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro.

8. Do you like country music?
I am not a picky person when it comes to music. So, as long as it is good, I can enjoy it.

9. What’s your favorite movie?
This is a hard question and tough decision has to be made. If I were to live with one movie for the rest of my life… Pirates of The Caribbean!

10. Have you read A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierly  or heard of it?
No, I never heard of it.

11. Did you watch or read the news?
I do. Mostly online news.



  1. What do you say to yourself when you are being lazy?
  2. Do you have a favorite line to say when you wanted to get yourself motivated?
  3. Are you the type who ‘plan everything’ or ‘go with the flow’?
  4. What color of the sky, you enjoyed the most?
  5. Do you think you are the philosophical type?
  6. What inspires you when you write?
  7. Do small accomplishments in life make you happy?
  8. Was there a moment in your life that you think, you are not doing enough?
  9. Do you have certain conditions or rituals before you read a book? (eg. listen to music, sitting, lie down, outdoor etc.)
  10. How often you challenge yourself in doing things you are not familiar with?
  11. Do you consider yourself a strong characteristic type of person?

There are no obligations if you are tagged.

I wish everyone have a good and productive day! All the best!

Congratulations to An Orchid’s View!

I’ve been following this awesome blogger and she was on a journey on creating 1000 paper cranes! It was a long way but she finally made it and I am sharing this with all of you!

Give her a big round of applause and spread the news! Where there are will, there are ways! Again congratulations!

I did it! I have finished.. now I’ll lay them all out for a final photo.. #1000papercranes #anorchidsview This is what 1000 cranes look like. I attempted to lay them out prettily but the cat kept knocking them over! It’s been a long journey. According to the legend.. I get a wish – but you know […]

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Ally’s Thoughts: Her (2013)

Image from: The Cinematic Katzenjammer

Good day everyone!

I hope you have a lovely day ahead. A friend of mine, Singledust wanted me to share my thoughts about the film Her (2o13). This is not a movie review for sure, it is just my thoughts about the movie and how I feel about it.

What happen when you have a software that offers you an artificial intelligence assistant? If you are a tech savvy, you might realized that Samantha can be real soon! Currently we have Siri, Cortana and other AI available in the Internet. Interacting with human, learning and certainly evolving… Though to have their own thoughts and decision making without prior programmed is fictional… I do not see it as ‘Impossible’ at all.

If you haven’t watch this movie yet and feel that this post will be a potential spoiler for you… Please avoid reading any further. I’ve warned you.

Let us skip the technical parts and go straight to my thoughts.

Image from: imoviequotes

How lovely it is to have someone that would understand you? Totally understand you? Someone that would grab your hand and pull you out of your current self? Or someone dragging you out from your helpless state in life? Glad? Happy? Feel amazing? You feel better? I would! I will a lot more livelier and happier in life.

The movie Her, showcased it. A man who feels crisis in his life who is actually being surrounded by his friend and his job. He did give himself a chance to try but was that enough for him? No, but he never stop trying. It is just he still not met the right person and company besides him.

Image from: Pinterest

What happened after he created Samantha? His stiff and dull life started to change, he brave himself to try something new. He took the step. A step is a step, be it small or big. Same goes in life, I keep reminding myself to always take the step forward because I don’t want myself to get stuck and unable to move forward. I’ve been there, stuck but I’m not going to experience it again. I’ll just keep on looking forward and take my steps ahead.

Samantha is someone, in this case something that Theodore need. An entity that understand him and interested in him. There are three elements I must state: Understanding, Learning and Action. You need these elements in relationship or you tend to create more mistakes and no solutions.

That is one of the reason why I enjoyed this movie. It reflects what someone need in their life especially in relationship. You don’t just enjoy a movie but learned something from it, same goes to book. I can’t remember which movies or TV series character said this but it goes like this ‘Movies just book with moving pictures…”. It might not explain more like a book does but still we can see real tears, real depiction of faces, real emotions and actions. Except individual thoughts unless presented in monologue.

Image from: Quotesgram

Towards the final part, after very much conflicts and self discoveries… Those happiness shattered and emotions buried deep somehow. You might believe that Theodore is back to square one, a square that he once there before he knew Samantha. Is it?

He accept it and brace it. Losing someone is hard but if they leave remember what relationship has taught you. Take another step forward and move on. Isn’t that happened to us before? Yes, it is life. We have our good times and we have our bad times, what we do? We moved on.

I think I will just stop here because somehow, I have the habit to keep on writing on and on without realizing how long it was. Most of the comments I read about this movie, it can be quite disturbing in which I did not find it disturbing at all. I’m wondering which part of it.

For those who have watched it, do kindly share your thoughts. If you haven’t, do watch it!

Best quotes from the movie!