A Novella: My Unsent Love Letters by Ally L. Mare

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Did you still remember that I wrote a novella and share it in Inkitt? I finally posted all the chapters in Inkitt and you can finally read it until the end!

I can’t post the novella here. Also, I will not upload it as an ebook. However, you can read the novella using the link below.

My Unsent Love Letters by Ally L Mare

I really need your help on this. If you find my novella is interesting and exciting, please share it with your friends. It would be a great deal if you do.


A hard breakup made James’ life difficult and he had no motivation on his work or his life. Things changed when he accidentally met his college crush after few years since their graduation. James could not tell how he feels directly, so he wrote his crush, Anna, love letters which he could not send.

All comments are appreciated! Thank you very much and have a great weekend!

Ally’s Thoughts: Ali And Nino (2016)

Image from: http://www.1news.az

Hi, everyone!

I recently watched a movie called Ali And Nino. It is a book adaptation with the same title by Kurban Said. The book was first published in 1937 and the book has been translated more than 30 languages.

The plot simply described by IMDB as,

Love story of a Muslim Azerbaijani boy and Christian Georgian girl in Baku from 1918 to 1920.

Simple and neat!

If this is your first time reading Ally’s Thoughts, do not worry about spoilers because I don’t really give away spoilers. If you can’t trust me, please avoid reading.

If you are an adventurous reader, you will surely understand why I enjoy this movie so much.

So, let’s start.

When it comes to love story we all know how romantic and disastrous it can be, depending on how the plot goes. By the simplified plot description above, it is about intercultural love. This is the main reason why I decided to watch it. Other reason would be the setting of the story. The story sets in 1918 which you might say a time of war and turbulence.

For a romantic drama, some might look for the happy ending and some might want to see some twist at the end of the movie. I am looking for something else. I’m looking for the progress in the movie.

What happened in the beginning of the story? What kind of choices did they make? What kind of conflicts are they having? Did they settle things in the most cliche ways? How the characters react to an event? These are the things I’m looking for.

So, what is the thing that made me really enjoy Ali and Nino?

My answer would be, the journey.

This movie will take you on a journey of diverse culture, ethnic, religion, landscape and history.

Imagine you fall in love with someone that you know your parents will never accept. Then, the world throw wars at you. Just to add the flavor in the plot, you have dreams to achieve. How complicated that would be? Will you changed? Will you be put to your knee when it tests you?

It can be complicated but that is the jewel of the movie. The journey they took to the amazing colors, architectures, complex politics, cultural differences and the nature of war.

It made me understand a little about their way of life back then. In some part, the way of life is still practiced today. I am totally at awe with these elements.

I would like to share a dialogue that I really enjoy.

Nino: Will you marry a fallen woman?
Ali: Are you ready to stay in this hut forever?

What is a fallen women? Why they need to get used living in the hut? You need to watch it for yourself.

Image from: Publishers Weekly

As for now, I will be looking for the book. Hopefully it will be available in major international bookstores here. My finger is crossed.

I would recommend this movie to someone who enjoy romance and drama. One who have eyes in culture. Also, bored people that don’t know how to spend their time.

I wish everyone have a great and lovely day ahead!

*Some quick fact: My name can be read as Ali too and perhaps that is my name? Shhh…

Ally’s Novella And Where To Read Them


Hi everyone!

March 2017 is leaving and we will be welcoming April 2017 soon. In my case, less than two hours from the time this post has been published.

A quick recap about this month. It’s actually not the main point about this post, but I feel the need to share it with you all.

I’m proud to share my top post of the month!

Do check them out if you missed them earlier. That’s done for the recap.

Now the main announcement I wanted to share with you guys.

I’ve been keeping a secret from all of you. Well, some of you actually because they are my early readers and I really appreciate the feedback! You know who you are!

So what is the secret? From the title it is obviously a dead giveaway. I wrote a novella. I wrote it last year and managed to complete it by the end of 2016. After that, I’ve been doing some editing and getting feedback from my fantastic readers! I really appreciate it!

After some crazy mentally and physically exhausting editing, I’m ready to show it to the rest of the world! And of course, to my fellow readers and friends! Even so, I have not uploaded all the chapters but don’t panic because I will upload them all next month. Hopefully, it does not take a long time.

The only problem would be, I’m procrastinating or I have internet problem. I can’t give ‘not enough time’ as a reason because I’m practically have all the time I need. Even so, I tend to keep my promises.

So where to read them?

Basically, I’m using Inkitt as my platform instead of other available platform such as Wattpad. Why? Simply because, I am exposed to Inkitt first rather than Wattpad and I’m somehow grow fond of Inkitt.

You can find the link to my story here.

My Unsent Love Letters – Ally L Mare

Inkitt is also available to download in the App Store and Google Play. Just in case you don’t want to read my story, you can read stories by others. Some advice, they are very good and some of them has been published by Inkitt and last year it was listed in Top 100 in Amazon.

Well, that is all for now. I wish you guys have a great month of April! And trust me, this is not a prank.



Grab A Book! The disappearance of Ray Delgado by J.C. Cauthon

It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! The Disappearance of Ray Delgado is finally available for purchase. Eventually, the past catches up with you… Jake always wondered about Ray’s past, but he knew better than to bring it up. Ray seemed haunted by it. But when Ray mysteriously disappears from a logging site in what […]

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Watch Out For These @ Amazon Books!

I just finished reading The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro and ready for my next book. If you guys thinking on your next book to read. I have few books suggestion down here.





You can find more here at BookStore too!

I hope you found books to your liking! I wish you guys have a nice day ahead!

Best To Read On #Inkitt!


Hi dear readers,

How are you? As usual I’ll be sharing the best titles in #Inkitt this week!

This week, we have quite the numbers of titles! So lets get it started!

1. Balance of The World by Jenna Cassie Herdz (Romance/ Fantasy)

Zoey becomes Alice when she tumbles down a secret tunnel under her bed and into Kalina. When Elias Blackwood explains that the Balance of Kalina is threatened, she must face the Mor Witch: Jellina

2. A Girl and a Goblin  by Emelia M and Sage O (Romance/ Fantasy)

In a whirlwind of terrifying events, Emelie finds herself in the middle of a world full of horror, mystery, and possibility. Hidden carefully out of human view, can she find a place for herself here?

3.  Cracked Open Book 3  by Madison DiMercurio (Romance/ Fantasy)

One nymph, one tree spirit and a world of passion, indulgence and plight. Will love prevail against the ghosts of the past?

4. A Nymph Without Mercy by Catherine Miller (Romance/ Fantasy)

Garrick did not believe in nymphs, but a single touch binds him to a beautiful creature in ways he never thought possible. If only he deserved the mate who seeks not only his protection, but his love.

5. Come What May by Adbkcjdm2 (Romance/ Drama)

NYC, boyfriends and the circumstantial chance of something unexpected – Come What May will have you hooked from the get go.

6. The Monkey King: A Journey to a State of Presence by Amira Kidd (Romance/ Horror)

Love lust, passion and twisted fates. All is left to be discovered in this illustrious romance horror novel.

7. American Now Departed: Fight for the One You Love by historyman101 (Romance/ Action)

1944: Answering the call of long lost ally Peter must take up his rifle once again to come to the aid of his friends in a campaign that could turn the tide of the war. Part 3 in the AND series.
I’m sure these titles will surely satiate your urges to read more! I hope you guys have a great day ahead!

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This Really Happened (COVER REVEAL) — Annmarie McQueen

“We all have our own truths. Sometimes they’re the same. Sometimes they’re not.” Erin has never really known who she is or what she wants, especially when it comes to relationships. That is, until she starts her first year at University and meets her new flatmate Allen. Reckless, eccentric and intensely creative, Allen is everything […]

via This Really Happened (COVER REVEAL) — Annmarie McQueen

Best To Read On #Inkitt


Hi everyone!

We are in the second week of December and I believe everyone is in high spirit for Christmas and New  Year! Hoist the flag! Raise the decoration! Play all the Christmas songs!

Also, #Inkitt will be releasing their Android app and will be doing some beta testing. If you want to try and join them. Find them at Inkitt for Android: Beta Testing.

If you want to spend your time by reading, be my guess! I have the perfect list on #Inkitt this week! Just so you know this week the fantasy romance kinda filled the air!

So, lets get on to the list!

1. Secret to the Grave by RZQ

Alana DeMarchessey, young but fearless leader of the Valkyrie, is torn between defending her kingdom and keeping a deathly secret which could forever change her future, quite possibly killing her..

2. Weight of Fate by KasimmaOkani

Ndiana, the heiress to a pharmaceutical empire in Abuja will stop at nothing to get her husband out of jail. He was framed for a huge theft at the bank where he worked and was convicted and sentenced with five others.

3. Balance of the World by Jenna Cassie Herdz

Zoey becomes Alice when she tumbles down a secret tunnel under her bed and into Kalina. When Elias Blackwood explains that the Balance of Kalina is threatened, she must face the Mor Witch: Jellina

4. A Girl and a Goblin by Emelie M and Sage O

In a whirlwind of terrifying events, Emelie finds herself in the middle of a world full of horror, mystery, and possibility. Hidden carefully out of human view, can she find a place for herself here?

5. Fallen Heart: Book 1 of The Fallen Trilogy by becrrobertson

What happens when a fallen angel who’s forbidden to love falls for a mortal girl?

If you like reading the novel, do share this list with you family and friends! You are reading the future bestsellers!

You can also read the previous list here: Inkitt Best To Read

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Best To Read This Weekend #Inkitt


Hi fellow readers!

Tough and surprising week for our friends in the US. Lets pray for their safety and hopefully getting better.

As for you some of you who wants to read more, I have the perfect lists from Inkitt! This time there are quite numbers of Sci-fi/Fantasy theme. If this is your cup of tea, why wait?


1. The Calling by AndrewMC

A dying bloodline, a storm of war brewing on the horizon and one last battle for supremacy. Dive into this magical world and answer the call of Excalibur itself.

2.  Book Two: The Moon Will Fall by Tavyn Gentry

When infamous synesthete, Rogue, is captured by the enemy, Zaria is forced to take matters into her own hands in order to rescue her. But what can she do when things are not as simple as they seem?

3. The Shadow of Fate by J. L. Scritchfield

A gripping account of indulgence, addiction and sacrifice. One man’s battle with demons darker than anything imaginable. (Think you can handle  this one?)

4. This Wretched Heart by Slumpless

‘This wicked heart has split in two, I love him and I love you.’
What happens if you are in love with two people at the same time and one of them is your husband? Can you have both? Lara decides.


1. A Single Yesterday by Rich Stachura
A journey through the worlds of oppression, supremacy and survival. The touching tale of two outcasts’ plight against the world.
It’s been quite a rainy months here in my place. A perfect weather for me to read more.
Hopefully you guys enjoy the weekend and take care!