Human emotions are like diamonds

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Human emotions are like diamonds,
Located deep down the earth,
It’s hard to reach,
Consumes a lot of  resources,
Money and Time,
Imagine the ore,
Rough and unrefined,
Shines dimly and wanted attention,
A diamond can never be shaped,
Using hands alone,
It requires special tools and skills,
Then a perfectly shaped diamond formed,
On your hand gracefully,
Beautifully reflecting the light,
Passing through the spectrum,
Flashing rainbow,
Like human emotions,
Bright colors means happiness,
Dark colors means sadness,
The diamond showed so much,
After all that hardship,
On finding it and shaping it.



I have something to tell

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I have something to tell,
Neither truth or lie,
Perhaps both,
You decide,
I want you to know,
But I don’t know how,
The thoughts circling,
And unending,
Like a pendulum,
Back and forth,
Not stopping,
It’s torturing,
Not comforting,
I want it to end,
I need to hurt again,
The answer is with you,

I reach out my hand


I reach out my hand,
Take me away,
To the endless rift,
In reality and fantasy,
Bring the best and worst of me,
Into the unforgiving imaginary,
Or give me the sweetest heavenly  memory,
So I won’t forget,
Everything that happened,
In an instant,
Because I remembered,
The hands that grabbed mine,
Was mine.

Ally’s Thoughts: Signs of A Loyal Person

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How to be sure that a person is the loyal type? Are there signs or something to look out for? There are many articles out there informing us the signs on a loyal and faithful person. In this article, I will share with you the secret and tips to help you in identifying them. Before I continue any further, this article is just for light, fun, and leisure reading only.

The first big sign is obviously something you can observe from that person. Look at his wallet! A loyal person will value something that has been with them for a long time. Example? Take me. I have been using the same wallet that I bought in 2011! I’m seriously attached with the wallet. My wallet looks really worn out and I had to stitch it myself.

The second sign is he don’t really care what others talk about him. He never listen to other’s judgmental opinion. We are at the age where we desire approval from others, especially in social media. We toast with the one who agrees with us and ended up hating whoever disagree with us. I don’t really care what others might think about me. Whenever I hang out with typical people, they will always have this ‘standard’ that they consider acceptable. I’m not the type who will eventually play to their standard, I will mostly be considered weird or unacceptable. If you know someone who don’t bend to social standard, he or she is worth considering.

The third sign is  he always firm on his choices. A good and reliable person is someone who already know what he want! Choices are tough and hard but when someone made the calls, they should be confident and firm. Of course, like me! When I have a plan, I will ensure that everything run smooth because I want everything to go well. Especially on important occasions.

Other worthy to mention signs are determination and commitment! These two can come hard nowadays. If you want to achieve something, its not uncommon to show these two features. Imagine if someone wants something and you don’t show determination and commitment, do you think he is reliable? Do you think he is a loyal type? I’m not ashamed to say that, I am a determined and committed person when I know what I want!

This may look like a hard sell on myself, but to be honest, I just want to write something that is light and silly.

I hope you guys have a great weekend! I will be super busy until November. Somehow, I really need something good happening in my life  right now. Wishing all the best to myself and to my fellow friends and readers as well! See you again!

Please stay and don’t leave

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The truth is,
I miss you,
To see you standing,
In front of me,
To see the looks,
On your face,
To see the eyes,
That charmed me,
To see the smile,
That bewitched me,
To hold the hands,
That reached for me,
To give you a big hug,
And whisper,
I miss you so much,
Please stay and don’t leave,


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Dear symbol of peace,
You are troubled,
And burdened,
And you carry it alone,
It aches me to see,
And offered my hands,
To reach you,
I don’t want you down,
I want you to stand,
Because I care,
Because I want to be there,
Standing next to you,
When you need someone,
To rely and depend on,
I am your peace,
For the symbol such as yours.