In a long endless river.

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I sit on the yellow grass,
Surrounded by tall brown trees,
Not a glimpse of green in sight,
Painted by the orange light of sunset,

The thoughts roam free,
Like the slow-crawling clouds,
Yet the heart is frozen still,
Unmoved and unfazed,

To be stuck and torn,
Between thoughts and reality,
Like being swept by the current,
In a long endless river.

Without release.

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How should I describe this exhaustion?
Like a gold mine?
Dry of gold,
Like a lake?
Not a single drop of water,
Or a mobile phone,
Clinging to the red one percent,
Or perhaps,
A dying body,
Trying to draw a breath,
The last breath,
Clinging strong at the neck,
Without a release.

Because I was dizzy.

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As I close my eyes,
It was dark,
It swirls,
It sways,
It throbs,
Like the tall grass,
Dancing in the heaviest storm,
And the powerful tornado,
While the earth splits,
The tall grass stays,
Down but not defeated,
Still deeply rooted in the soil,
Surviving all the violent rush,
But for me,
I swirl, sway, and throb,
Because I was dizzy.

Another day of wonder.

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Thank you for being here,
When the world was never kind,
When you have to walk alone,
When your life turned upside down,

Thank you for being strong,
And never stop to believe,
Even when the sky is dark,
In the bright daylight,

I may never understand the pain,
For every step you took,
Nor I will ever feel the same,
Bleeding cuts you made,

Yours is yours alone,
It will never be mine,
It will never be theirs,
Only you will understand,

Even so, you are not alone,
Just look to your side,
There is a soul in need,
Going through the harsh road,

Thank you for believing,
And made it here,
Another day of uncertainty,
Another day of wonder.

I saw him today

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I saw him today,
Sitting alone,
Trying his best,
To spend his jolly time,
As time passes,
I saw a void,
Rooted in his heart,
Sprawling and covering him,
He still smiles and laughs,
He tried to juggle,
Manage every expectation,
Until the void exploded,
Consuming him,
Exhausting him,
Crushing him,
Irrationality claimed him,

I saw him today,

How far has this soul traveled?

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How far has this soul traveled?
The stretch of great distance,
The stillness of passing time,
The weather of heavy emotions,
The fragility of encounters,
And still this soul, struggles,
And still, this soul tries,
And still this soul,
Have to suffer,
From all this pain,
Slithering throughout the soul’s existence.

Where did they go?

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Where did they go?
The confidence,
The pride,
The excitement,
The passion,
The core belief,
That I thought I am unable to live with,
As I go through all the bad decisions in my life,
Is this what they said, humbled down,
Life humbled me down,
And still chaining me down to earth,

I’m not angry,
I just want to understand,
All the things that are happening,
Trying to make sense,
Trying to grasp the idea of living,
Expressing the clogged mind,
That wants to burst out.
But it won’t,

Where did I go?
When the thoughts inside,
Screaming for answers,
Screaming for attention,
Wanting their place on the paper,
To be written down,
Word by word,
Through all the confusion,
Pain and suffering of being stuck,
Inside the small and shrinking,
Mind of mine.