A slow crushing torment

Image from: Broken Believers

Each steps away brought me closer to you,
I tried to run but there is no road ahead,
Led to the same place like a circle,
But you are on the other side of the wall,

When did everything turned narrow,
The space confined me,
Chained and shackled by the unseen,
And weighted me down each drag,

Stuck still in this frozen moment,
A slow crushing torment.

You know I am down

You know I am down,
When I don’t say anything,

You know I am down,
When I play love songs,

You know I am down,
When comedies are on the screen,

You know I am down,
When all I want to do is laugh,

You know I am down,
When I no longer feel like getting up,

You know I am down,
And you did nothing.

A Song With Your Name

Photo by Bryan Geraldo on Pexels.com

Back when things are better,
And your smiles made it better,
Didn’t know that it would end,
Right now we are not even friend,
I wish I can turn back time,
And still make you mine,
Turn out it’s impossible,
Until now I feel miserable,
Like it has been after we broke up,

Sad things can be true,
You are but memories too,
As I couldn’t erase it in me,
Falling for you made me be,
I just couldn’t figure out,
No matter how much I tried,
All I see is you,
Zagging life is harder now.