Ally L. Mare is a blogger, poet, and a writer. He was born and raised in Malaysia and currently staying in Malaysia. As far as his writing career goes, he has published three poetry e-books. Other than that, he occasionally contributes articles at mytrendingstories.com and puckermob.com.

He is a diploma student in English Language Studies. He was offered to further his study in English Literature Studies but declined because of unfortunate circumstances. He still wants to further his study.

IMG_2559 - Copy.JPG
Silhouette man strikes again!

As for working experience, he was hired by a property development company after he graduated as a Corporate Service Officer. He deals with tasks related to admin and corporate. He worked for two years before hopping to a new company.

He was accepted to join the biggest internet company in South East Asia and happened to be one of his wishes, which is to work in a game publishing company. He is the Content Editor for one of their product. It was while working there he rediscovered his passion in writing. After two years of experience, he then left the company to find a something that will spark his passion more.

Do follow him on Twitter: @allylmare
Find him on Facebook: Ally L Mare on Facebook!
Visit his Instagram: allylmare
Reach him through email: allylmare@gmail.com


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  1. I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! If you choose to accept the nomination please go to my blog for more information. Even if you don’t choose to accept, your blog is still awesome! 🙂

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