But a human – destroy it

Image from: Idealist Revolution

The nature is harsh,
Unforgiving and merciless,
Hitting us with earthquakes,
Typhoons, tsunamis, volcanoes and more,

But they are not evil,
It is how they works,
We are the one who get caught,
In the middle of their work,

What worst is not nature,
But the human heart,
That leads them,
In ruining others,

They lead others to a path,
With no exit but unbreakable wall,
Cornering us to desperation,
And giving us miseries,

Nature may break your life,
But a human – destroy it.

And a heavy smile is no better

Image from: https://troisheures.wordpress.com

I saw her eyes,
Damp and watery,
Inside the train,
On my way home,

Her shaking hand,
Tightly gripping the phone,
With her shaky voice,
Talking to someone on the other side,

It is light to ignore her,
And a heavy smile is no better.