On ridiculous decision

Source: Giphy

The beat of your heart,
Follows the rhythm,
That was lost,
And forgotten,
Nothing familiar,
Only senses of sanity,
And instinct,
Of being a human,
On ridiculous decision.


Lost before the time start

light painting at night
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If I cry,
I choose to cry,
Falling deep even if I try,
Looking down and screaming why,
Endless bottom, will I die,

Shut up mind and voiceless thinking,
Trapped forever and be my own king,
A kingdom alone without anything,
Except darkness and self beating,

Will you see what I told you,
Understand what I want to do,
Leaving hope and hopeless too,
Left nothing but a single clue,

I don’t want to stop here,
Laying down and cannot hear,
I’m not deaf but covered in fear,
Face nothing hoping to disappear,

Oh life getting so complicated,
Even all this light far from vindicated,
No guilt left unintended,
I am no longer the one completed,

Now I am a faceless heart,
Lost before the time start.

Inside this head of mine

Source: Pexels

There is a world,
Where suits people like me,
Filled with happiness,
That will make my heart jumps,
Like a free rabbit out in the open,
Running from one side to the other,
Safe from any predators,
Outside as much as the heart desire,

A world of fantasy,
Far from reality,
Inside this head of mine.

To a quiet slumber

Source: innocentstore.sk

Is it dark yet?
Or is it just me?
Who couldn’t see,
In the brightness,
Of the scorching sun,
As the light reflected,
On the surface of the ocean,
I am in darkness,
Cold and silent,
Shivering and sweaty,
With shaky ground,
Pulling me down,
To a quiet slumber.

Which is me?

Source: Giphy

I place down my head,
On the puffy pillow,
I closed my eyes,
My head starts to spin,
The world around me,
Round and round,
As my head lean heavily to one side,
Everything splits,
Which is the reality,
Which is the illusion,
Which is me?

The fact that it is the National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) and I did not participate. Reasons? Primarily, my packed schedules, workloads, and I couldn’t focus much on writing.