Too much to let go

Source: Taste of Cinema

I still remember,
This feeling,
The burn,
Leaving scars,

The spiraling thoughts,
Crushing hopes,
To the depth,
Of uncertainties,

The unstoppable waves,
Of restless anxieties,
Gushing endless memories,
Of all we have been through,

The simple things,
The hard decisions,
The lovely moments,
And the teary nights,

Too much, dear,
Too much to forget,
Too much, love,
Too much to let go.

I lost someone that I have spent my whole life with

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I am not denying,
My mind swirls around,
The thoughts of her,

I want to know too,
The reasons of existence,
The chain that binds,
And the void in me,

I have no explanation,
The inability of making sense,
Illogical thoughts of the unknown,
Unable to interpret it,

The simplest explanation,
To at least helps,
Others to understand,
And for you to understand too,

It is hard because it feels like,
I lost someone that I have spent my whole life with.


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I am left confused,
And felt rejected,
For the things I have done,
In the past,

In each breath,
A thousand questions,
Left unanswered,
Pulling me to the ground,

In each blink,
The remnants of happiness,
Loss its colors,
Jaded memories,

In each steps,
Only to be reminded,
Of the unwanted,

This is ridiculous

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This is ridiculous,
What are the chances,
For coincidences,

Wherever I look,
From the highest mountain,
To the deepest sea,

I keep finding you,
As the time against us,
The distance fear us,

The signs keep telling me,
You, you, and you,
It spelled Destiny,

I wish it to be true,
I will endure the pain,
To get through.

Let me take it to my grave

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I wish I could forget,
The sweet and bitter,
Of our past,
If this is really the end,

Years has passed,
With couple of leap years,
Even the season changed,
Together with the souls in it,

I moved forward,
Learning and building,
About the world,
On myself,

As I forget,
It seeps slowly,
Through the crevices,
Of my unconscious mind,

The world and everything in it,
Whispering about you,
Reminding me about your existence,
Every night and day,

As hard I tried to ignore,
The greater the signs intensity,
As I struggled harder,
The clarity purer,

How can I forget you now?
Let me take it to my grave.