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It’s All About You by Ally Mare (2016)


Unrequited love is addictive. As long as you don’t confess how you feel thousands of unwanted and selfish thoughts popping inside your head. What happens when those thoughts converted into writings? The answer in 108 poems!

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Ally And The Daily Prompt (2017)


Exploring the possibilities through different approach and angles in completing the daily prompt. With 57 prompts come 57 poems compiled in this book, expect to find romance, humor, silliness, craziness, stupidity, and brutality inside.

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The Thirty Days (2017)

NaPoWriMo 2017-

Ally L. Mare has taken part in the National Poetry Writing Month for 2017 with various of challenging prompts such as an elegy, repetition, a nine line, the Bop and so much more. Thirty days with thirty poems filled with humor, creativity, life lessons, romantic pleasure, and silliness.

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Sorry I Gave Up (2023)

Each one of us is on a journey that none will ever experience. The goal or destination might look the same, but the path differs. Some going through the roughest pavement, thorny woods, and the scorching sun. This book is a collection of poems about exploring and experiencing those moments. Written between 2018 and 2019.

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