Short Story 7


“I’m not brave enough… I guess… I mean… How hard it is to ask a girl out?” Nick disappointed of himself.

“Well, man. If you ask me, it is hard. Some people had it easy because both of them are on the same page. Some did not and some… I’d say they got lost in translation…”

Nick looked at Jeremy before he let out a big sigh.

“I guess I’m the one with the ‘did not’ group. Oh man! I’m seriously frustrated. What should I do? I really like her!”

Jeremy who was wiping the glass frame in front of him stopped and turned to Nick.

“You know what, Nick. You are overreacting and overthinking about it. Why don’t you text her now and ask her out? Because that is how you start the dating process. It is step number one! Gosh, you are making my work slow.”

Nick ignored what Jeremy just said and instantly took off his gloves and grab his mobile phone from his pocket. He paused and take a deep breath before starts to tap his screen.

Hey, Ellia! How are you? Do you have any plans tonight?

“Alright sent! I can’t help to feel excited! Do you feel the same, Jeremy?”

Jeremy pretends he didn’t listen to Nick and focusing on his cleaning duty. He doesn’t want to put extra time today because he prefers to get home early and watch his favorite series.

A few minutes later, Nick received a reply.

“Hey, Jeremy! She replied me. Oh nooo… She said she had other plans. I can’t live anymore. She rejected me, man!”

Suddenly a cleaning cloth flew to Nick’s face and slowly fall down to the floor.

“That is what you get for not doing your work when you supposed to work. You better clean it up fast or the mops will be the next thing flying.”


Ally’s Thoughts: The Movie By My Side Feels Deep


I heard about the movie last month after I watched some videos in Youtube and the trailer was recommended. I knew that Jinnyboy and his crew was working on a movie but I didn’t know that the movie will be released in September. After I watched the trailer, the urged to watch it is the only motivation I need. To be honest, its pretty rare for me to watch local films but I believe in their production and they will capture younger and modern audience, after the movie today, I was right!

By My Side is a love story between Faye and Ben. They knew each other ever since primary school and fell in love with each other. Their relationship was tested after they completed their SPM exam and Ben furthered his study in Australia. Can they stand strong? You have to watch it if you are in Malaysia.

There are only two ways to watch the movie currently, through video streaming service Tonton and watch it at TGV Cinemas.

Why this movie is worth mentioning?

When it comes to local movie in Malaysia, some Malaysian can be skeptical and treating them one eyed which pretty much because how lame it is. However, recent years there are many good local movies that made their ways to the audience heart and gained numbers of followers. While some can be experimental, indie and out of the ordinary, there are ones that are enjoyable and memorable.

The movie is straight forward, two young lovers separated by decisions and wanted the best for their life. What makes it interesting was how it was presented! As I was watching it, the beginning part of the movie already played us emotionally. The instant connection on how relatable the movie is.

Most of the audience on my row, cried and despite the witty lines trying to cheer the mood up, we mercilessly thrown with deep quotes that I can’t think of anyone but Lang Leav (The scripts made me imagined it that way). Even so, some of the lines are lame and sounds try hard but I think its pretty much what happened in our daily Malaysian conversation.

One point that I want to share about the movie is ‘distance’.

It doesn’t matter if it is in relationship, friendship, family, or such. Distance can make everything distant. When distant take over, it will create a big problem that will eventually ruin everything. Why? Whenever we feel distant means we lacked in communication. Real communication. A simple conversation no longer  invoke the same feeling that we used to feel. It only created more confusions than it to clarify.

We really need to communicate so we could understand each other better.

You can watch the trailer below.

I’m not sure if it was intentional or not but there is a scene was presented as the same scene as La La Land did! I cried the girl sitting next to me cried as well. Well, I did offered her a pack of tissue but she said no nicely. At least I tried. 😀

Ally’s Thoughts: The Talented Musician, Yuta Tanaka

Source: Yuta Tanaka

On Friday afternoon, I received a text from my friend, he asked if I want to hang out after work. I haven’t seen him for months now, so I said, yes.

Exactly at 5.30 PM, I checked out from the office and went to the location that we agreed to meet. We had our coffees at a cafe in Suria KLCC and spend two hours talking about our life and where are we heading next. Quite a productive meeting too.

Then we part ways, he went to the car park and I have to catch the LRT train. As I reached the KLCC LRT station, the area was filled with a captivating rhythm of jazz from a guitar. They had this reserved area for performance only and as I found out the source of the song I heard came from that area, I stopped and listened to the musician.


I don’t know who he was except from the A4 size paper on his luggage bag with few copies of audio CDs for sale RM25 each. His name was written on the paper, Yuta Tanaka. I was watching and listening to him for almost an hour. I stand few meters away from the area he was performing and I was amazed by his amazing skills.

The second song I heard was a romantic one. The song hit me deep in the feels. It was a situation when you listen to an instrumental song that touched you and as if you can relate to the song. As I was listening to it, memories came flashing in front of me. Tears came out from my eyes as I was in awe listening to his song.

Then he played a different song, this time it is a lot more playful and upbeat. I stand there, unmoved. The crowds passed by him, some stopped, some listened and enjoyed it, there were a lot of passers tipped too.

The only thing that I had in my mind is how fantastic he was, his songs were amazing and mesmerizing plus his fantastic skills. If I were to put it, I was basically fall in love with his music. His songs filled with souls and effort. It was so good that I don’t feel like moving. Other than that, I was contemplating either to buy his CDs or not. I did some search and he is legit but he only have one song in iTunes. The longer I stayed, the more I fallen in love. I didn’t hesitate after that, I bought two of his  Audio CDs. After that, I left.


After I reached home, I instantly played the CDs. It was a money well spent for me. Not long after that, I bought his song from iTunes too! Here is the link to the song for iTunes: Just for a While (iTunes)

As for his social media accounts, you can find here:

Facebook Page: Yuta Tanaka Music
Twitter: Yuta Tanaka

Guess what, he also have a WordPress blog too!

Lets give him a big support by following his blog here: New album “If the time still goes around”

Other than his songs and music, I really like his style too. If I let my hair long, I can have the same hair as him actually. Looks so cool!

Slowly fades through centuries

Source: Wikipedia

It is his favorite tree,
One he take care and foresee,
From small and yet to be,
To be reminded of him till eternity,

Years and years has passed,
The bond between them, steadfast,
For how long this relationship will last,
Until this world turn to dust,

What left now are memories,
Slowly fades through centuries.