But a human – destroy it

Image from: Idealist Revolution

The nature is harsh,
Unforgiving and merciless,
Hitting us with earthquakes,
Typhoons, tsunamis, volcanoes and more,

But they are not evil,
It is how they works,
We are the one who get caught,
In the middle of their work,

What worst is not nature,
But the human heart,
That leads them,
In ruining others,

They lead others to a path,
With no exit but unbreakable wall,
Cornering us to desperation,
And giving us miseries,

Nature may break your life,
But a human – destroy it.

Ally’s Thoughts: Arisha Akhir, Corporate to Writer

Image from: The Star Online

Hi everyone!

I read the news today and I cannot contain my excitement to share this one with all of you!

Via She left corporate life to become a writer – The Star Online

When she struggles to articulate her innermost thoughts to the people who matter deeply, Arisha Akhir resorts to taking the literary route – writing her feelings in prose. The 33-year-old teacher, writer and poet, often feels that saying something verbally lacks depth. Nothing beats saying something in the written word.

“Sometimes, it’s just hard to tell it like it is, to relate the painful truth. And sometimes, saying thank you just doesn’t seem enough for me … I have to put it in writing,” said the Piscean.

Writing became a means to an end for her in expressing herself. When her mother (after numerous threats, one would assume) suddenly confiscated her staple reading diet, her cache of Archie comic books, she attempted to exact her own form of revenge – creating stories plucked from her imagination.

“I was always a very competitive child, so when those comics were taken away from me, I decided, I would make up and write my own stories,” she expressed, laughing in incredulity.

Personally to me, it is always inspiring to read or to know someone that fight for their passion and be someone they wanted to be. It doesn’t matter as long as they know what they want.

It is better to fight for the things you want rather than wasting your life doing the things you don’t want to because we don’t live forever. You will never be afraid if you know what you want to do. It will be a motivation for you to keep on moving forward and fight for your passion.

I was there before, not knowing what to do and without passion. I woke up every single day and go to work without understanding what I like the most. If you came to realize that you found the thing that you want to do, do not let it go. No matter how old you are, take it as something fresh and let it motivates you to go further.

In my perspective, Arisha Akhir is a hero. One who is brave enough to pursue and venture her passion against what others think foolishness.

Her ambition and passion inspires me, I hope you feel the same too!

*By records, I am now in a corporate world for the second time.

Ally’s Thoughts: A Month Has Passed

Hi everyone! Happy weekend to you!

I rarely share my personal life directly here but today, I’ll just give myself an exception for it.

Today marked a month of working in a new environment. I am happy to share one aspect that I love about this job… well, the only thing I do enjoy is not the job actually… but the journey I took every day to reach my workplace.

Every day, I would spend four hours of my time on my journey from home to workplace and back to home again. So, two hours going and another two hours back home.

I will riding my bike to the train station and I will be waiting for an interval of fifteen minutes except on weekends where I need to wait for forty minutes. It will take me an hour ride to reach the second train terminal. Next, I have to wait an interval of ten minutes before the train arrived. My second train will take around twenty to thirty minutes of ride before I reach the station I wanted. After I drop myself on the station, it will be a fifteen minute walk to my workplace. If I am lucky, I don’t have to wait for the train but if I am not, it will be a long wait.

By my complete description on my daily journey, it is a habit of mine to observe the people around me. So, I did observe every one and I tend to notice one or two things about them. So, I will share with you guys how I see them every day.

Sometimes in the morning, I saw familiar faces that I saw previously but on my next day, I saw different faces. Some are going to school, some to work and some might be travelling somewhere with their bulky backpack.

I saw young and old with a destination to go. Some took one station to reach, others more… like me. Some were listening with their earphones and headphones, some was reading books, some sleeping. In the coach, there are different genders, races and personality that shows the diversity of my country. Some can be rowdy but some prefer the quite ride.

Every time I reached the station or terminal, there will be a lot of activities around. Some were sitting and waiting for their train to come, rushing folks here and there, enjoying morning breakfast, handing flyers, making friends, saying goodbye, and lively chat.

Whenever I reached the terminal, I will be greeted with the smell of McD morning menu, strong coffee, the different perfume from different individuals and what strike me the most is the local breakfast aroma of curry for Roti Canai. Totally Malaysian.

During the peak hours, it is totally normal for the train to be packed, especially right now as the train provider is using a two coach train instead of the four coach because they are currently under safety inspection. The train are sardine canned packed with pushing and grunting. Some stay cool but some can’t help to express their anger. What can I do? I’m also a victim.

Somehow, it doesn’t matter which one I take, to go home early and get canned or go home late and play the unbearable wait for the train interval. Not to mention that the chance for me to get a seat is pretty low because I am a young person and the seats should be given to the people who needs more. However, some people can be insensitive too.

There are a lot of foreigners too. Some came from the US, Europe, middle east or to put it simple, came from all over the world. The same question would popped out, how can I be friends with them? I am timid and shy, all I can give them was a smile.

My every day walk is just amazing. A fifteen to twenty minute walk  in one way. The pavement filled with stalls selling breakfast, most popular is Nasi Lemak. There will be Nasi Lemak stalls every 10 metre walk. I have not tried them all, maybe one or two stalls.

The scene was spectacular. The fusion of green lush trees, the busy traffic, the different mood of sky and the cloud reach buildings. Some day, it is amazing but some days are painful.

However, the journey took a toll on me. My first week, I had ingrown toenails that made my toenail bleed internally and only the next following week I had it removed and it turned better. Previously it was swollen and purple. This week, I had few cuts between my toes because of the long walk with the combination of bad socks and shoes. Unbelievably, my feet has been aching for a month now. It aches every day.

I should be wearing sandals starting next week.

Okay, that is all I want to share for now. My journey can be amazing and boring too, but it is totally on me, on how to perceive the journey I took.

I hope everyone will have a great weekend and a wonderful day! All the best!