Prompt: It was not fair. Why did her sister get to have a horse when she was not allowed to have a dog?

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February 25

Use the following sentences as the opening lines of a short story:

It was not fair. Why did her sister get to have a horse when she was not allowed to have a dog?

It was not fair. Why did her sister get to have a horse when she was not allowed to have a dog? Erica could not understand the reason behind her parent’s decision. She is determined, she needs to deal with this matter herself.

Later that night, while everyone has fallen asleep. Erica has been pretending sleeping but now she is awake and slowly living her room. She then heads to the storeroom to grab a machete. Her father usually takes the machete when he travels into the wilds but when he is not, he will usually store it.

After she took the machete, now she heads to the barn. The sky was clear and stars glitter far away. Erica believes that the god is with her. This is the only way to show her parents that they are being unfair to her. An action that will definitely send the message clear. A message that her parents need to understand and stop favoring her sister.

She opened the door to the barn slowly. Not even a creaking sound heard. As soon she entered, she closed the door back. There, she finds her sister’s horse. The horse was kneeling and sleeping.

Erica has plenty of thoughts in her mind but she focused on one right now. To kill the horse with the machete in her hand. She grabbed the machete tighter and move closely to the horse. The horse opened her eyes and started to stand. As Erica noticed the movement from the horse, she raised the machete high and struck the horse as quickly as she can.

The first strike hits the horse’s forehead. The horse neighs and started to jump around and ready to stamp on her. Erica managed to dodge and strike the side of the horse. Blood bursts out and sprayed her. The horse then tries to run ahead but Erica lay down another strike and hit the horse’s leg. The wound was shallow but enough to lead the horse stumble.

The horse falls down and without waiting long, Erica thrust the machete straight to the horse. The machete pierced into the horse’s stomach and blood flows around the machete. Erica feels satisfied and relieved about it.

She finally did it. The clear message that her parent needs to understand. A few moments later the door was opened and her parent was standing and shocked to find their daughter covered in blood and the horse was lying on the ground.

Her mother screamed while her father rushes to her and take her outside. Then, her father asked Erica what happened. Erica just laughs and laugh. Suddenly, a thunder strikes and blinded everyone.

The horse woke up frightened and panic. She realized that it was only a dream. A dream that feels so real that she still remember the machete slashing and piercing her body. She tried to close her eyes when suddenly, the barn door was opened and she saw Erica holding a machete.

Ally’s Thoughts: New World! 40 Light Years Away!

NASA has discovered seven planets with Earth-like qualities orbiting a nearby star making them among the strongest candidates in the continued search for extraterrestrial life among known exoplanets, or planets that exist outside of our own solar system. These new planets all inhabit another solar system which includes seven planets that have a relatively warm […]

via NASA found 7 “Earthlike” planets just under 40 light years away — TechCrunch

NASA believes that planet E, F and G in the right condition are habitable! Okay, 40 light years away sounds small number… I’m sure it is not that near!

However, this is a great discovery and lets think for a moment. In 2017, we have discovered this planets, I believe there were other amazing discoveries found. If I remember correctly, there were this one planet that was found similar to us last year!

Now, this is my thought… Will you guys believe me that there will be more amazing discoveries in the future? Perhaps, we will discover or reach the edge of the expanding universe? I must say, I want to see that day! I believe there are more out there, not just a dark and empty space but something else!

Why I  am so sure? No solid reason but it is something that I believe in!

How about you guys? Do you share the same idea as I do? Or you have your own? Do share!