Daily Prompt: Purple (But left a long time impression)

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A purple butterfly,
Flying straight at me,
It stares me,
With its majestic appearance,

I could not help,
But to ask questions,
Why are you here,
Are you lost,

It ignored me,
And flap its beautiful wings,
Flying and hovering,
Inside the living room,

I asked again,
Are you looking for something,
Do you need help,
It took off and fly outside,

It left me wonder and ponder,
A beautiful lovely majestic butterfly,
Visiting me briefly,
But left a long time impression.

All you need are some helping hands


There are times when our life hits the walls,
Yes, I mean walls, not one but many,
And then you feel the walls unbreakable,
Unable to move on, you stuck and stares the walls,

Have you ever thought it this way,
Some walls were not meant to be broken alone,
You may have all the tools but still failed,
All you need are some helping hands.

What is Poetry? — Dreams of a Dying Scientist

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Because you are my beloved

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My love,
I fell in love with you,
Again and again,
Countless of time,

When others spoke your name,
My tears fell,
I missed you so much,
But I never met you,

When I heard about you,
Your  words and teachings,
The love you have for your ummah,
Taught me in loving you,

When I die,
I want to be with you,
To stand besides you,
Because you are my beloved.