To the end of world of pettiness.

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The days, the hours, the minutes, the seconds,
All but nuisance for a soul like mine,
Numbing the senses and paralyzing the body,
Freezing the throbbing heart in piercing coldness,

The loud screams only the soul hears,
Deafening my world and the rest are silence,
The heavy burden lies in the chest to carry,
To the end of world of pettiness. 


“What I’ve done?”.

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A second passed in a blink,
A second later, in an hour,
And I missed everything,
Instantly, when I am not looking,

There is no pause or buffer time,
I never realize till I said, “What I’ve done?”.

Ally’s Thoughts: Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey & Why I Love It!


Hi and happy weekend to all,

It has been awhile since I wrote something for Ally’s Thoughts segment. To tell the truth, I have so much to tell but I feel overwhelmed by my life lately. Work in one corner, personal life in the other. I embedded those hard moments in my poems.

Back to the main topic, Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey! Let me share with you briefly on what the show is all about.

Ainori is a Japanese reality tv show debuted on October 1999. Seven members of young men and women travel together in a pink bus to find romance. In 2017, the show aired on Netflix with a new season, Ainori Love Wagon, Asian Journey!

Seven men and women board a pink bus in search of true love. On a journey through Asia with strangers, their goal is to return to Japan as a couple.


At first, I was so reluctant to watch the series because I was skeptical at first. Looking at the introduction by Netflix, it was not convincing enough for me. Plus, I was binge-ing Terrace House which already won my attention. Only after I watched Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City and Terrace House: Aloha State, I brave myself to watch this show.

I was hooked! Instantly, I gave the show a thumb up!

5 Reasons why I love the show!

1. The Adventure

The journey took them to most if not all South East Asian countries such as Vietnam, Myamar, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and ended in Singapore. They also went to Taiwan as well.

During their travel, they were introduced to different culture and social issues a country had. Not only the show gave impact to the members but it opened my eyes too. I learned that a lot of Japanese actually prefer to stay in Malaysia based on one of the episode aired.

2. The Drama

Of course, what is a reality show without the drama here and there! During their travel, they will have to live with a certain amount of budget, no mobile phone, and building friendship and perhaps love interest with other members.

Through their journey, the members were not just challenged physically but their mental as well. They have to face conflicts, rejections and face their greatest obstacle, the confession.

3. The Confession

If a member has decided to confess to the person he or she like, they need to meet the bus driver for two return tickets back to Japan. The member have to confess and give the ticket to the person they like and usually, the person will give the answer on the next day.

If the member reciprocate the feeling, the two members will kiss and leave the group to return back to Japan. If the member rejected, the member who confessed will have to return to Japan alone. 

4. The Best Couple

Source: ShyBoy

So far, there is a couple that I really like from the show, Shy Boy and Kasuga! The path that they took to be together was really a hard one. During the travel, so much happened to them and I cannot help myself to cheer and root for them.

So far, they are still together. Good for them!

5. The Lessons

It is not just entertainment. The lessons that were brought up in the show was plenty. Imagine you are someone who never really take that first step and you are just the type who would wait, you will always stuck in the same situation over and over again.

There are some of the episodes that can be really inspiring too.

Currently, Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey season 2 arrived in Netflix! New episode every Thursday. I really recommend you to watch it if you like romance and travel. 

Wishing you all have a good weekend! Until next time.

Andai aku pergi nanti, janganlah merindu.

Izinkan aku tulis sebuah puisi,
Tentang rasa sakit yang menikam diri,
Rasanya pedih menusuk ke hati,
Walaupun sepatah kata, isinya kekal bak duri,

Kian lama kian aku cuba,
Singkap inspirasi sembunyi dalam jiwa,
Dalam ku gali masih tetap tak jumpa,
Sampai dalam bukan telaga tapi derita,

Ku perasan bayang-bayang boleh menari,
Bukan ikut tarianku tapi rentak sendiri,
Ku yakinkan yang itu cuma imaginasi,
Aku penipu, ini semua hipokrasi,

Luahan hati ini khas untuk diriku,
Kalau pintar baca tambah irama dan lagu,
Hobi harian bukan sekadar hujung minggu,
Andai aku pergi nanti, janganlah merindu.

Sorry, I gave up, stuck in a loop, infinity.

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I don’t know if I am getting older,
Or I am getting wiser,
So far as I know I couldn’t get any better,
Far as I go, my life starts to feel slower,
No matter what I do, things don’t actually matter,

I tried really hard to be energetic,
But I have limb and feeling, I am not robotic,
I’m looking stoic but my mind blowing hectic,
I’m showing expression but it came out synthetic,
But as I tried to write them, my body feels electric,

My mind is screaming but my body is drowning,
I am crawling myself out but the air is suffocating,
Even if I curl down and stay here, the situation is demotivating,
I wish I can run and fly away, but the collar on my neck strengthening,
Now I just want to lay down here, hopeless and lost and dying,

I may need to get back down to reality,
No matter how hard I tried, haunting me, anxiety,
Day by day passed, I’m building insanity,
I should be cure, so I can return to society,
Sorry, I gave up, stuck in a loop, infinity.