With Love as the theme unlikely regain

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To the Pen I haven’t touch,
Cursoring the clear white paper,
With the false black ink,
Imaging lovely illusions theater,

I may never write a fine poem again,
With Love as the theme unlikely regain.


Of the office room

men working at night
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A normal work day,
In a busy room,
The swooshing air-cond,
The printing machines,
The faint radio,
The tapping keyboards,
The chirping chatter,
Deafening the room,

But he is trembling,
And deeply frightened,
Of anxiety,
He can clearly hear,
His throbbing heartbeats,
His rushing blood veins,
His tingling dry skin,
His shaking scared gut,
His loud insane mind,

Louder than the sound,
Of the office room.

Ally’s Thoughts: A Poem With A Poem

Open Blank Notebook with Pen on Wooden Table
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Hi everyone,

I recently remembered about an activity I usually did when I was younger. I basically remembered thanks to the ongoing hip hop beef between Eminem and MGK. I realized that I did something similar.

I am talking about replying a poem with a poem. This happened when I was 16 I think, I get to know a friend from an online mobile game. That time, we only have like Java games and GPRS connection. It was fun back then.

Keeping it short, I will always exchange poems with her and it was very fun to do. Therefore, I want to do it again. I would like to invite all of you who read this post, to write me a poem and I will do my best to reply on the poem.

So, would you like to give it a try? Send me a poem and I will reply it through your email and I will post it on my blog as well. I’m not sure how this will go but we won’t know until we try!

Will be waiting at allylmare(at)gmail.com!

End me now don’t let me go too far

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My imagination is always black,
My eyes half closed I look tired and mad,
My slow voice you told me I am whispering,
For every commands into my ears leaves me trembling,

My perspective only focus on one thing,
My brain shut down I was thinking of nothing,
My hearts are soft but it hurt and killing,
Inner voice persuades me to go straight to the ending,

I may win all the battles,
But I am losing this one war,
Why I bother with all the hassles,
End me now don’t let me go too far.

Sebelum jiwaku sesat dan terus hilang

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Gelap lambangnya malam,
Ibarat siulan kelam,
Hati itu batu tenggelam,
Hilang walau dalam ku selam,

Puisi ini cerita tentang diriku,
Makin hari penaku makin membisu,
Suaraku hilang lidahku semakin kelu,
Mindaku keras semakin membatu,

Yang mana akan ku sabit salah,
Yang bertanggungjawab buatku makin parah,
Yang buat resah hariku bertambah,
Yang buatku penat lelah tinggal jawabku pasrah,

Bukan aku tidak mahu kembali,
Bukan aku tidak mahu perasaan itu abadi,
Perperangan dalam diriku tiap hari makin menjadi,
Antara nilai dan alasan kesibukan diri,

Tidak perlu izin aku mahu pulang,
Sebelum jiwaku sesat dan terus hilang.

Warming up my cold desire

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The rain is heavy,
I can see through the window,
I can hear the drumming thunders,
So many actions through one view,

The air is cold,
The aircond is freezing,
My brain is sub zero,
And my heart not reacting,

My eyes wide open,
But my vision grey blank,
I’m running my thoughts,
But the headache runs deeper,

This burning anger,
Warming up my cold desire.