Pizzas and cakes

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Pink and colors,
Roses and flowers,
Dinner and dates,
Chocolates and boxes,
Condoms and leftovers,
Confessions and bravery,
Acceptance and rejections,
Single and couples,
A single day around the globe,
And I am torn between,
Pizzas and cakes.


“I love you so much.”

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You handed her,
A bouquet of roses,
Lovely and sweet,
Carved a smile,
Accompanied by a kiss,
With a whisper of,
“I love you so much.”

Ally’s Thoughts: Fervent February?

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Hi fellow friends and readers!

We are finally moving up to February and a month past after entering the year 2018. I am sorry for the lack of content and I am pretty sure the same will happen in February. I was so caught up with work and also the unpleasant mood of weather. It has been scorching hot in the afternoon and unexpected heavy rain in the evening here in Malaysia.

Why it is a fervent February? Other than the tight working schedule, I have to attend my friends wedding which are back to back every weekend this month. I was left behind in my entertainment department as well. In January, I did not watch any movies in the cinema. Luckily this week, I only have 2 working days, Monday and Tuesday. Thanks to Thaipusam, Federal territory day and I took a leave on Friday as well. However, I will be quite busy on the weekend. That is pretty much the reason I am able to write now.

Just reminiscing last year, I was on my career break and basically focusing on this blog and my other writing projects. To be honest I really miss the moment. Every day waking up, I don’t have to worry about work except what I want to do most, which is writing. I was not even worried about not having a job. I only focused on myself in enjoying my free time. It was carefree too.

In a year, so many things has changed and I am sure so many things to come. It’s never wrong to stay in positive thinking especially on the things that we cannot predict. How else than looking on the bright side on the things forward. It’s much better for us to stay calm and try to be organized so we are more prepared.

I hope you guys will enjoy your February. Have a good month and enjoy!


As we ignore and decaying alone

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When we aren’t looking,
The Earth completed its daily spin,
From day to night,
And we remain here,

When we aren’t looking,
The soul in a child starts to breathe,
The soul in a body left slowly,
And we remain here,

When we aren’t looking,
An old forest lost permanently,
A vast land mined deeply,
And we remain here,

When we aren’t looking,
People we knew left,
And new one appeared,
And we remain here,

The more we aren’t looking,
The more we remain here,
Time moves on with everyone,
As we ignore and decaying alone.

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry if I went missing for almost two weeks. I haven’t been writing anything after New Year. Things has went pretty busy and I’m not in a perfect condition to find my inspiration.

I’m wishing everyone has a great weekend and hopefully staying healthy and safe. Have a great day ahead! 😀

It’s almost new year


It’s almost new year,
When midnight strike,
The silent air filled with tremor,
Of colorful lights,
The crowd cheers,
And wishing each other,
Happy New Year,
It’s 2018,
I’m here,
Alive and breathing,
Well and kicking,