Food coma of course

Source: Oxford Dictionaries Blog

Let’s go out for lunch,
A buffet, sure,
I don’t eat much,
I had salads,
Baked potatoes,
Roasted lamb,
Pasta was good,
The beef was chewy,
Cakes was sweet,
Bread pudding was nice,
The fruits were fresh,
Then, I had another beef,
Plus chicken too,
What I had next,
Food coma of course.


And disastrous moment


If you ask,
For the things,
You have done,
There are many,
From the smallest,
To the biggest,
There are many,
I could never,
Thank you enough,
For the company,
In the sweetest,
And disastrous moment.

I am addicted


I am addicted,
Not on drugs,
But on food,
Snacks precisely,
Some sort of cheese,
With wafer,
Vanished instantly,
Inside my mouth,
I lost track of time,
And lost count,
Left with dry sore throats.

You look stupid


You look stupid,
Looking for me,
Asking for help,
When I said no,

You look stupid,
You were angry,
Playing the victim,
In your own drama,

You look stupid,
When you believe,
All these problems,
Was others fault,

And here you are,
Stuck in continuous loop,
Of repeating mistakes,
Yes, you look stupid.

Lose it, devastating


To choose is confusing,
The process, amusing,
Selections, amazing,
Lose it, devastating.

I haven’t been writing this rhyming 4 lines 6 syllables poem for a long time. When I was browsing my Archives, I realized that I have 75 posts in just one month!

Ally’s Thoughts: And December Came

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Hi everyone!

It’s finally December and we have come a long way in 2017. But before that, I want to summarize my 2017 November. One word to describe my November, busy. Busy with work, leisure and personal life.

In November, I get to know a lovely person. She was a passionate and enthusiastic person. I always believe that there are no encounters in life that doesn’t teach us anything. There will always be lessons in each one.It doesn’t matter, if its short or long, if we just take a moment to think and understand, we will see it.

I learned a lot from her, even now. One of the lesson I learned was to always show dedication. There are things that will always push us down and we don’t feel like getting up anymore. When things get rough and hard but we still believe in the choice that we made.

Why keep going? Things doesn’t look well? Why stay? Are you blind? Don’t you see?

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Those are challenges but sometimes all we need is dedication. A dedication leads to motivation in moving on. I always ask myself, what do I need to keep on going. I always believe I need motivation but I never really been dedicated to find it. Well, I believe I don’t need to rush everything and leave my door open.

I would like her to know that I am thankful to her, all the interaction, time and dedication in believing me. Again, thank you.

What’s there for me in December?

I decided to stay in my current company. I mentioned about my working situation few times in my previous posts. I did mention that corporate life is not my cup of tea but I had a talk with my boss and my big boss. They taught me some lesson from their experience.

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One thing I remember well is, it is find to have your passion and its not wrong. It is important to have a balance between passion and reality. I have been managing it pretty well though I did not exactly post daily now but I think I still can spend my time to write and do more. I will learn more in work and keep on writing as well. I am hoping all the best in the next 5 years. I have so many things to achieve and hopefully I will achieve them!

Other than work, I will be going to the Hatsune Miku Expo! I have been following Hatsune Miku since 2009 and this will be the first time Hatsune Miku will come to Malaysia. As a fan, I can’t help myself but to be a part of this memorable event. I can’t wait!

Looking back at last year December, it has been a long road. Last year, I was in different workplace and different surrounding with different job scope. Now, I’m in  a different place. I feel like I am in a game where I have completed a level and moving on to a different level. Life is always an adventure.

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I hope everyone will have a great December! There are other plans waiting for me and hopefully everything will be well. That’s all from me. Wishing you all the best!