Will I ever return?

Image from: Broken Believers

I was away from the home I seek,
The comfort and warmth I believed,
For nothingness and emptiness,
For pain and vain,
That left me aimless,
And I can’t stop doubting,
Will I ever return?


I am so lost in this search.

two people on mountain cliff
Photo by Valdemaras D. on Pexels.com

There are so many one thing in this world,
That changed everything,
One belief,
One country,
One war,
One man,
One idea,

There are so many things in this world,
That changed my day,
A task,
A dream,
A word,
A soul,
A reason,

I am so lost in this search.

Aku ini binatang yang makan diri sendiri

grayscale photography of human skull
Photo by ahmed adly on Pexels.com

Beratus ribu soalan timbul dari minda,
Minda yang celaru tapi aku belum gila,
Setiap langkahku buatkan aku hina,
Tak segak seperti gambaran mereka,

Setiap hariku lalui hanya diam membisu,
Biar dunia makin haru biru aku membatu,
Jiwaku korup kerap merosak fikiranku,
Hanya angan naifku nak membantu,

Jujur aku mengaku diri ini emosi,
Aku ini binatang yang makan diri sendiri.

With all the scream, tears and pain.


When I scream your name,
Will you hear it?
Will you respond to it?
Will you come to me?
And hold me down,

As my tears,
Falling down slowly,
On both of my cheeks,
And my eyes can’t stop it,
Screaming again and again,

No, I am not bleeding,
Nor a sword stabbed me in the heart,
But I feel the pain,
Like hundred of spears,
Hitting just one spot in me,

And I fall on my knee,
With no one around,
Only me with my shadows,
As my dreams left me first,
Then hope soon after,

Death’s door upon me,
With all the scream, tears and pain.

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And forget


I couldn’t function today,
After a long weekend rest,
Now, I am in a meeting room,
As they are so engaged,
I am sitting here alone,
And my brain firing a signal non-stop,
To close my eyes and sleep,
And forget.