Food coma of course

Source: Oxford Dictionaries Blog

Let’s go out for lunch,
A buffet, sure,
I don’t eat much,
I had salads,
Baked potatoes,
Roasted lamb,
Pasta was good,
The beef was chewy,
Cakes was sweet,
Bread pudding was nice,
The fruits were fresh,
Then, I had another beef,
Plus chicken too,
What I had next,
Food coma of course.


And disastrous moment


If you ask,
For the things,
You have done,
There are many,
From the smallest,
To the biggest,
There are many,
I could never,
Thank you enough,
For the company,
In the sweetest,
And disastrous moment.

I am addicted


I am addicted,
Not on drugs,
But on food,
Snacks precisely,
Some sort of cheese,
With wafer,
Vanished instantly,
Inside my mouth,
I lost track of time,
And lost count,
Left with dry sore throats.

In the form of you

Image from: Cinemasiren

If there are stars shining tonight,
But clouds are blocking my view,
Though I saw a crack,
Not among the clouds,
But through a wall,
Where it hides a clue,
A star shining so brightly,
In the form of you.

You look stupid


You look stupid,
Looking for me,
Asking for help,
When I said no,

You look stupid,
You were angry,
Playing the victim,
In your own drama,

You look stupid,
When you believe,
All these problems,
Was others fault,

And here you are,
Stuck in continuous loop,
Of repeating mistakes,
Yes, you look stupid.