You’d lose it when blinded.

macro shot photography of star with lights
Photo by Elias Tigiser on

Have I not told you,
Trust is valuable,
Like all the treasures,
In a valley of gold,

You’d find it with effort,
You’d lose it when blinded.

A love I couldn’t have

Image from: Pinterest

I see a reflection,
On the surface of the lake,
It was the image,
Of a wish of mine,

I see her on the surface,
A love I couldn’t have.

Ally’s Thoughts: Saying Goodbye to 2019

person holding a sparkler in macro photography
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Hi everyone,

We are here, in December and leaving 2019. The truth is, it was a really rough year for me. Too rough and I still try to stabilize the aftermath.

I want to share it here because I know that there are more out there having bad times, worst than mine.

After working for almost 2 years in a good place, I started to feel depressed. Early 2019, I got myself diagnosed and referred to a psychiatric clinic. Now, I’m under medication and having a new job.

For those who are struggling with mental illness, I hope you found the courage to break out from the void and get some help. Then, the real battle starts there because wanting to feel good and ‘normal’ is ridiculously hard.

It is hard to find someone you can trust, to share the things you are experiencing right now. Find the right channel and you are not alone.

Now, I am into 10 months under medication and I am still far away being healthy. However, slowly I feel my motivation is coming back. As I was going through all these, I realized so many things about my situation. It opened my eyes and I hope you will find it in your journey too.

Thank you very much for reading and visiting my site. I am sorry for neglecting my WordPress community with less posts and less visiting your sites. I am ashamed but I really feel good whenever I return here.

Wishing you all the best in the year 2020. May all of you receive great blessing and find success in the things you want to achieve. Happy New Year!

Nor in your eyes

grayscale photo of woman covering her face by her hand
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on

The moment my eyes met yours,
It captured the image of your face,
Treasured in my brain,
Engraved in my heart,

Your every smiles,
Your every winks,
Your every smirks,
Weakens me,

More in every interaction,
In your words,
In your touch,
In your witty banters,

Yet, we are never close,
Nor our distance,
Nor our hearts,
Nor in your eyes.

Left for a new year.

person holding a sparkler
Photo by Rathnahar Sriom on

There are so many things,
I want to do,
I want to experience,
Before the days,
Left for a new year,

I want to feel loved,
To be wanted,
Embraced tightly,
Before the days,
Left for a new year,

I want to travel,
To feel free,
Away from the city,
Before the days,
Left for a new year,

I want to be with you,
Together in an adventure,
To build the connection,
Before the days,
Left for a new year,

I want to be a better person,
One that are ready,
To walk anew,
Before the days,
Left for a new year.