The great Sarawak River


How long have you been here,
Living your life along this road,
Slowly passing the people around you,
And the developments and changes,

You look strong and unpredictable,
Full of force and signs of life,
You must have witnessed many,
Happiness and tragedies,

I’m happy for you,
Those people celebrate you,
I’m sorry for you,
Those people uncaring for you,

I was flabbergasted by your presence,
In awe of your existence,
Nice to meet you,
The great Sarawak River.


So please, Don’t give up, You.


Stand up straight,
Imagine this,
You see yourself,
Standing in front of you,
Looking at you,
The way you look yourself,

Ask yourself,
How are you,
Are you okay,
Did I treat you well,
What have I done to you,

I’m sorry if I disappoint you,
I know I’m weak,
I know I gave up easily,
I know I will never forgive you,
I know that I take you for granted,
I know that well,

I’m sure there will be days,
Where I will learn,
And lives better,
Because I know,
It starts now,

Thank you for being here,
I know you are strong,
I know you can do it,
I know you can achieve more,
I know things will be better,
I know that well,

So please,
Don’t give up,


Happy together

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You are a presence,
I can never ignore,
Warm and radiantly,
Shining my world,

Though you are far,
One I can never have,
And one I can only dream,
Made me want you more,

I want to take you,
To an adventure,
Where we can be,
Happy together.

Each others company

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I’ll get close to you,
Stare your eyes,
Closer and closer,
I can hear your breath,
Through your nose,
Slowly landing my lips,
On your forehead,

I look at you again,
Closer and closer,
My lips on your nose,
You close your eyes,
And then slowly,
I lead my lips to yours,

That kiss stopped the time,
Just for us to enjoy,
Each others company.

The things we can’t express ourselves



There are things hard to say,
Frozen and speechless,
The arduous words,
The unspoken expression,
Perhaps not us,
Perhaps them,
To express it for us,
Through their creativity,
Their efforts,
Their souls,
Their music,
Their writings,
Their paintings,
They speak for us,
The things we can’t express ourselves.

Daily Prompt: Dancing (Of that Summer’s heat)

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In that Summer’s heat,
We stand close,
Our eyes locked,
We can clearly feel,
Our heartbeat,
Screaming to each other,
Wanting more and more,
As we swirl around the field,
Following the wonderful breeze,
We know our roles well,
We pray the memories last,
As we sway left and right,
Through the songs of nature,
We don’t have to say much,
But our bond became stronger,

We became stranger,
No longer dancing,
Only muted melody,
And forgotten steps,
Of that Summer’s heat.