But the hollow heart stays.

Photo by Taufiq Klinkenborg on Pexels.com

If you have asked me,
Am I tired of writing,
All the sad and broken,
Words and lines,

Trust me I am,
It is not a pleasure,
Nor a satisfaction,
But telling the pain inside,

I can no longer remember,
The written pieces,
About the beauty,
And lovely life was,

I am at peace,
But the hollow heart,

To stay asleep and never wake up

Image: Pixabay

I can’t help to feel,
Silly and stupid,
Over this funny situation,
That leads to all these,
Unwanted feelings,

I don’t want to suffer,
Through all the brokenness,
That I thought I have fixed,
A long time ago,
A droplet of hope,

If I have to go through,
All these tears and pain,
For the exchange of,
With the cost of happiness,

I don’t know,
Where this leads,
Nor I know,
When it will end,
I just want,
To stay asleep and never wake up.

Too much to let go

Source: Taste of Cinema

I still remember,
This feeling,
The burn,
Leaving scars,

The spiraling thoughts,
Crushing hopes,
To the depth,
Of uncertainties,

The unstoppable waves,
Of restless anxieties,
Gushing endless memories,
Of all we have been through,

The simple things,
The hard decisions,
The lovely moments,
And the teary nights,

Too much, dear,
Too much to forget,
Too much, love,
Too much to let go.

I lost someone that I have spent my whole life with

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I am not denying,
My mind swirls around,
The thoughts of her,

I want to know too,
The reasons of existence,
The chain that binds,
And the void in me,

I have no explanation,
The inability of making sense,
Illogical thoughts of the unknown,
Unable to interpret it,

The simplest explanation,
To at least helps,
Others to understand,
And for you to understand too,

It is hard because it feels like,
I lost someone that I have spent my whole life with.


Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

I am left confused,
And felt rejected,
For the things I have done,
In the past,

In each breath,
A thousand questions,
Left unanswered,
Pulling me to the ground,

In each blink,
The remnants of happiness,
Loss its colors,
Jaded memories,

In each steps,
Only to be reminded,
Of the unwanted,