Pizzas and cakes

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Pink and colors,
Roses and flowers,
Dinner and dates,
Chocolates and boxes,
Condoms and leftovers,
Confessions and bravery,
Acceptance and rejections,
Single and couples,
A single day around the globe,
And I am torn between,
Pizzas and cakes.


“I love you so much.”

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You handed her,
A bouquet of roses,
Lovely and sweet,
Carved a smile,
Accompanied by a kiss,
With a whisper of,
“I love you so much.”

As we ignore and decaying alone

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When we aren’t looking,
The Earth completed its daily spin,
From day to night,
And we remain here,

When we aren’t looking,
The soul in a child starts to breathe,
The soul in a body left slowly,
And we remain here,

When we aren’t looking,
An old forest lost permanently,
A vast land mined deeply,
And we remain here,

When we aren’t looking,
People we knew left,
And new one appeared,
And we remain here,

The more we aren’t looking,
The more we remain here,
Time moves on with everyone,
As we ignore and decaying alone.

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry if I went missing for almost two weeks. I haven’t been writing anything after New Year. Things has went pretty busy and I’m not in a perfect condition to find my inspiration.

I’m wishing everyone has a great weekend and hopefully staying healthy and safe. Have a great day ahead! 😀

It’s almost new year


It’s almost new year,
When midnight strike,
The silent air filled with tremor,
Of colorful lights,
The crowd cheers,
And wishing each other,
Happy New Year,
It’s 2018,
I’m here,
Alive and breathing,
Well and kicking,

Of the unrequited and the reciprocated

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The world means nothing,
Only emptiness and darkness,
Lingering around,
When the heart,
Were never really answered,
And held strong,

The world means everything,
Filled with sweetness and beauty,
All around,
When the heart,
Were answered truthfully,
And brought closer,

The two different things,
Of the unrequited and the reciprocated.