In a light speed universe.

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This stillness feels heavy,
Like a mountain stands,
For thousand of years,

This longing feels unworthy,
Like chasing the moon,
Till came the sun,

This breath feels useless,
Like lighting a candle,
On bright daylight,

The slow torture,
In a light speed universe.

This is ridiculous

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This is ridiculous,
What are the chances,
For coincidences,

Wherever I look,
From the highest mountain,
To the deepest sea,

I keep finding you,
As the time against us,
The distance fear us,

The signs keep telling me,
You, you, and you,
It spelled Destiny,

I wish it to be true,
I will endure the pain,
To get through.

Let me take it to my grave

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I wish I could forget,
The sweet and bitter,
Of our past,
If this is really the end,

Years has passed,
With couple of leap years,
Even the season changed,
Together with the souls in it,

I moved forward,
Learning and building,
About the world,
On myself,

As I forget,
It seeps slowly,
Through the crevices,
Of my unconscious mind,

The world and everything in it,
Whispering about you,
Reminding me about your existence,
Every night and day,

As hard I tried to ignore,
The greater the signs intensity,
As I struggled harder,
The clarity purer,

How can I forget you now?
Let me take it to my grave.

A slow crushing torment

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Each steps away brought me closer to you,
I tried to run but there is no road ahead,
Led to the same place like a circle,
But you are on the other side of the wall,

When did everything turned narrow,
The space confined me,
Chained and shackled by the unseen,
And weighted me down each drag,

Stuck still in this frozen moment,
A slow crushing torment.