Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

After the embarrassing moment on his way here. Mr Lifeless finally arrived to his destination.

It was a big hall. But somehow he saw people lining up and it’s a very long line. Then he saw the signboard. Tickets Here!

“I know they need ticket to enter but I don’t expect the line to be this long.”

Nothing he can so except to get into the line. There are around 100 people in front of him. It took almost three minutes for the line to move. Sometimes the line doesn’t seem to move. He can’t falter now. He just need to wait.

Then he started to look around. There are a lot of people and there plenty cosplayers as well. There are some characters that he recognized. He couldn’t stop to feel amazed. Everyone looks happy and excited.

How does he feel right now? Excited? He should be. He is young and coming to this event is something that he should feel excited about.

“Only for day one please. Thank you!”

Finally, he got his ticket and ready to enter the hall. The hall was huge. It’s a sea of human and it’s crowded too. He couldn’t move freely as he caught up and just walked where everybody walks too.

There are a big stage where the emcee was there. Some performance. There are also booths that sells different type of merchandise. Mr Lifeless doesn’t know where he should be going.

He wasn’t looking and pay attention to his surrounding, he bumped and threw him off balance.

“I’m sorry. Are you okay?” The person who bumped him asked.

With all the crowds around him, Mr Lifeless somehow only seeing her in his sight. A cute girl wearing a cat hoodie from an Anime he watched before. He was love struck and at the same time lost in his own world.

“Are you even listening to me? Hello? Mister?”

Then he replied her and apologize too. Before the girl walk  away, Mr Lifeless brace himself and gathered every courage he needs. He asked some questions.

“Can I you name? I mean, what’s  your name? Can I have your number?”

The girl looked at him and smile.

“I am Nyanko-sensei, see the hoodie? As for my number, I’m sorry. I have a  boyfriend!” Then she  walked  away and vanished from Mr Lifeless sight.

Mr Lifeless froze and exactly that time he wished for only one thing in life.

“Please let me die out of this embarrassment… God no!!!”

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