Daily Prompt: Ten (Short Story: The Ten Trees)

Image from: Listening Earth

via Daily Prompt: Ten

A long time ago, there were ten trees in a deep forest. Each with their own species and living peacefully.

One day, they heard a sound. Then the first tree asked the others.

“Did you hear the sound? What could that be? Faint and distant.”

The others heard it but they do not know what sound is that or where it came from. They are familiar with the sound of the wind and the animals in the forest but not this one. They hear the sound frequently, day and night. They are pulled by the sound especially when in the middle of the day and night. The sound is longer and they enjoy it dearly.

As years passed, the sound getting clearer and louder. The third tree said to the others.

“The sound is from over that hill. How I wish I can see what it is.”

The other trees agreed with the third tree. Then came a bird to them and said.

“How silly! That is the sound from a human village. The sound of a bell rang. All of you will never get the chance to see it.”

The seventh tree then said.

“How envious I am with you bird. You can fly to wherever you want but here we are, rooted to the ground.”

After few seasons passed, the trees can hear the clear bell rings. Their branches will sway left and right as if the wind blow them. The fifth tree then said.

“Worst! Worst! The four trees before me has died! They were chopped down by the human.”

Soon, only the tenth tree still stood and said.

“Oh dear, how much longer before they cut me down too. I grew up together with the other trees. Now, I am left alone. Oh human, we still remember the first chime of your bell. Far and distant. Captivating us. We enjoyed it. But no more. The chime is a warning for us and how scared we are now. Evil! It was not the sound of happiness but the countdown of our demise.”

The human does not hear what the tenth tree has said and keep on cutting it down and the last tree of the ten trees.

***The End***

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Ten (Short Story: The Ten Trees)

  1. I see dystopia. As the fear grows among the trees and in the actions of the humans. You have captured the poignant truth of mankind’s goal to improve its standard of living. Great use of prompt!

    Liked by 1 person

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