Ally’s Thoughts: 7 Years of Poetry and Inspiration With WordPress

Hi friends and readers,

This morning, WordPress sent out a reminder about my anniversary with WordPress. It has been seven years! I’m happy to take this path and make a lot of friends along the way. It was a strong urge to free out all of my thoughts and share my words with everyone that made me Write Ally! Write!

While blogging is nothing new for me at that time. I already had one as early as 2009. I wrote a post about it. You can read it here.

Somehow, looking at it back now, it is the best outlet I’ve ever had. I think I’ve posted more than a thousand poems here to tell all the things I’ve gone through. Especially on all the mental states and thoughts I’ve drowned myself in for the past years. If there is a question one day asking who is Ally L.? Just read all his poems, that is the kind of person he is. He is probably the good, the bad, and a person that always trying to find something that he doesn’t even know. Or probably someone that is always struggling to be somebody.

I have more things to say about this but I stop here. Simply because the conclusion of it was ugly and made me run away from it. Never mind, let’s move on from there.

What’s next? One of the ways for me to make it easy for readers to read my work is by publishing e-books. Not everyone has time to read all the posts in the blog, so I usually compiled them into an e-book for an easier reading experience. Also, I would distribute them for free. If you haven’t checked them out, feel free to get them here.

However, it has been a while since I published my last compilation. So, I will compile one soon and let you all know about it. While I have other things planned up, it is not the time to share them. Hopefully, everything will be done and I will be happy to share it here, FIRST!

For anyone who is contemplating doing things that they love and are passionate about. Don’t pause and think too much, if you have that spark inside of you and a strong urge to start the first step, do it. The longer you keep pressing the brake, the longer you hold yourself back. No one says that you can’t take another pause after the first step, another rest after the next step too. If the world can’t give you the peace, you make your own.

I hope everyone will have a great day ahead. Wishing everyone stays healthy and safe. Until next time!


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